paper planes

Achieve your goals step by tiny step

Big goals require big changes, right? Not according to Becca Smith, who used “tiny habits” — small, daily steps — on her journey to sobriety and self-love. Here, she shares her behaviour-hacking tips.

Fast Fashion

The clothing exchange

As shoppers become aware of problems surrounding fast fashion, ethical swaps and clothing exchange platforms are changing the way we interact with our wardrobes.

Gabrielle Penfold

Meet artist Gabrielle Penfold

For artist Gabrielle Penfold, food isn’t just sustenance, it’s ritual, connection, ancient history and an endless source of inspiration. Taking cues from the frescoes of Herculaneum and Pompeii, Gabrielle began her career by painting the meals she ate in restaurants around Sydney. Her subject matter has expanded, but Gabrielle’s fascination with the classical world remains. Her works are a celebration of life’s pleasures — a platter of oysters, a familiar beach scene, bathers dipping their toes in a pool. “The fascinating thing is, nothing much has changed,” she says, “Oysters are still luxurious.”


Banishing plastic from your life, aiming for progress, not perfection

Banishing plastic from your life is not as hard as it sounds. According to Sophie Kovic, founder of eco-retailer Seed & Sprout, it’s about starting small and aiming for progress, not perfection. Here, the entrepreneur talks changing attitudes, facing up to plastic waste and moving her family to a permaculture community.