The story behind holistic wellness company Edible Earth
After the heartbreaking loss of Sarah Muscedere’s partner Lee Henderson to brain cancer, the young mother is honouring his memory through her wellness company, Edible Earth.

When do you feel wild? What makes you feel alive?

I feel most alive and wild when I am with my beautiful family. Nothing makes me happier or fills me with joy as much as being with them in nature. Whether it’s enjoying the sun, sand and invigorating waters of the ocean or exploring the stunning south-west of our gorgeous state, being with loved ones and helping improve the health of others fills my cup.

When and what inspired you to create Edible Earth?

Following the heartbreaking loss of my partner and father of my two children to brain cancer, I set out on a mission. I promised to share the years of extensive natural medicine research with the world and wholeheartedly embrace holistic health by creating a range of inner-beauty products that support the body’s natural healing process, to ultimately prevent other people having to go through the suffering my loved ones have endured unnecessarily. It is my family’s way to honour the memory of a great man, son, brother, friend and father, Lee Henderson, who valiantly fought and lost his three-year battle, with a smile on his face and unconditional love in his heart.

Tell us more about your beautiful Edible Earth Elixirs

Edible Earth is the future of holistic wellness and beauty. Born out of adversity and backed by science, our Eco-luxe Elixirs aim to support and heal the body, mind and soul, while preserving the environment and local economy. Edible Earth’s five bespoke formulas contain a potent blend of unique, essential ingredients that harness the regenerative powers of nature, allowing the body to detox, heal, alkalise, repair, strengthen and re-energise. Proudly Australian made and owned, Edible Earth offers five bespoke formulations unrivalled in quality, which are designed to deliver optimum anti-ageing and wellbeing results for a range of health, beauty and wellbeing concerns.


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All your products are free from fillers, flavours, preservatives, sweeteners, heavy metals, GMOs and antibiotics. Why is it important we steer clear of these nasties?

Scientific evidence shows these chemical nasties can cause serious internal damage and, if left to build up in our bodies, can have quite a toxic effect and lead to long-term health complications. We believe in beauty beyond the belly, as all our body systems are designed to work in harmony. This can’t be achieved without a whole body, mind and spirit approach. As much as possible, health and beauty should always be approached from a natural and organic perspective as the healing powers of nature are so incredible and can’t be recreated synthetically.

What are some of the ways Edible Earth gives back to the planet?

Apart from being completely free of chemicals, antibiotics and toxins, our products and packaging are fully recyclable. Our marine collagen helps to reduce global waste, and we support ingredients that are organically and regeneratively farmed, local wherever possible.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Upon rising, I have a collagen coffee with added Defence Elixir Medicinal Mushroom Blend which contains Reishi, Chaga, Maitake, Lions Mane and Cordyceps. I can’t function without this as it gives me the energy, mental clarity and alertness I need to juggle running a company and being a single mum to two active young children. Then I make breakfast, which is usually eggs or oats. My kids Indi and Olli love Life Elixir and Youth Elixir in their morning juice or oats, and it gives me peace of mind knowing their growing little bodies and minds are getting their daily dose of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, amino acids, essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes. It helps keep them focused, calm and mentally and physically healthy, which is essential given their emotional health is often fragile due to what they’ve recently endured.

Then I organise the kids for school, grab my green vegie juice loaded with Life Elixir and Beauty Elixir to keep inflammation at bay and flood my body with antioxidants. After school drop-off it’s a whirlwind of emails, calls, meetings, all centred around creating formulas that are desperately needed and actually do what they say they’ll do. We don’t have investors yet or huge advertising budgets like our competitors, so we have grown purely through results and word of mouth.

It is a dream to have been able to rebrand this year and become clearer on our direction and company philosophy so we can educate, empower and improve the health of women around the globe. In the afternoon I collect the kids from after-school care, then we either have after-school sports or head to the beach for some much-needed fresh air. Then I’ll cook dinner and tackle the usual tasks that come with witching hour! Depending on my workload, I’ll either work or switch off in front of Netflix with a hot choc with added Defence Elixir (the mushrooms are a great way to calm the nervous system and improve sleep).


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Any beauty secrets you swear by?

I swear by a holistic approach to beauty, tackling ageing internally and externally. The Edible Earth Eco-luxe Elixirs are of course something I can’t live without. Their health benefits are greatly enhanced by our holistic skin and gut nutritional guide, which research suggests is the ideal nutritional combination for the majority of people. It is centred around a plant-based keto and paleo philosophy, whereby pro-inflammatory foods such as meat, dairy, gluten and sugar are eliminated and the focus is on fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs, good fats, and occasional chicken, fish, legumes and rice.

What’s next for Edible Earth?

We will remain committed to educating society on the power of holistic medicine and our philosophy of “if we heal ourselves, we heal the world”. Edible Earth has some new and exciting formulas lined up for 2021, and they will fully embrace rewilding and regenerating by utilising the natural healing powers of ocean and earth. We aim to adopt new innovative ways to support organic and regenerative farming to preserve the environment and support our local economy. The dream is to continue to improve the health of thousands of women around the world because this is where real change in the home begins. We will also continue supporting the Charlie Teo Brain Cancer Foundation to help find a cure for brain cancer.

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