WILD horoscopes: Jan to April 2021
With the retrograde well underway, 2021 is off to an explosive start. Here, evolutionary astrologist Jessi Simpson reveals what the stars have in store for you over the coming months.

February is here and so too is the first Mercury retrograde of 2021 (here’s hoping we can hold on ’til it ends on February 20). But there is plenty more in store for the coming months. From Full Moons to retrogrades, this season is set to bring with it a mix of emotion, energy and creativity — but there is calm to be found in all the chaos.

So what do the stars have in store for you? Let’s find out.


March 21–April 19
This season holds the keys to unlocking a deep resting creative power. Your gift lies in your ability to see the potential in things and in being able to start things with a gusto and fire that sets worlds alight. The transits most deeply affecting you in this time subtly invite you to assess creative gifts that have perhaps been lying dormant inside. You are encouraged here to lean further into your passionate, endearing and fire-starting ways and move in this direction of pursuing these new gifts. You may be thrown triggers and opportunities to discover what holds you back from deeply trusting in your own hunches. Trust yourself.


April 20–May 20
The possibilities for you, Taurus, in this season are endless, so lean into all that you truly desire. It can often be hard for you to move in a different direction than what you have been accustomed to moving in. With the right practices and encouragement, this time offers up an invitation to embrace a more spontaneous, adventurous and nourishing lifestyle. Opportunities and tests may present themselves in this time to speak up for what you value and to feel liberated through a deep acceptance of who you are. The urge to dissolve the barriers you hold in the world in order to maintain security and status may feel strong in this time of your life. As challenging as it may be, listening to this message and moving in its swift direction will be sure to open up new opportunities for expressing who you are.


May 21–June 20
This is a powerful time of deep selfreflection, evolution and expansion. Perhaps in the past you thought you had to go out and “make things happen”. Instead, listen to the strong intuitive pull that invites you into a new way of engaging with each and every moment. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you pulled back physically in the world to focus on getting crystal clear on what you truly want? Think less activity, more stillness and clarity. You are fully supported in this season in efforts to heal any past wounds that keep you creatively stuck. What happens for you inside when big opportunities for expansion present? Keeping a journal will be a powerful tool for manifesting and consciously working on evolving your personal psychology.


June 21–July 22
How do you resist speaking up for what you need, Cancer? This season presents the perfect environments, situations and opportunities to show how your sensitivities can often be overlooked, misunderstood and unheard. As painful as it can be for others to misunderstand you, the hard truth is you are the one feeling it and therefore it’s your responsibility to liberate yourself. The energy of this time may feel quite chaotic, but the intention is that you’re shaken up enough to take the action that you normally put off for fear of rejection. Beautiful Cancer, the person this hurts the most is you. You may find yourself at a huge crossroads. The best advice you could receive is to practise deep listening. When unsure what to choose, ask yourself, is this choice coming from my head or my heart?


July 23–August 22
This season begins with a Full Moon in Leo on the 28th of January, where your truest heart’s intelligence is invited to step forward, activating the lessons that will be dominant in this time for you. The stage is set for you to shine, but will you allow yourself to let go into your brightest expression of self? Growing up, we’re inundated with messages like “you’re so full of yourself” and “stop bragging” when you even slightly display a creative gift to others. This season invites you to choose people who truly see you for who you are and bask in the light and energy of your generous gifts. It’s imperative to spend time mastering your frequency, rather than absorbing the energetic imprints of very old paradigms and patterning. Reacquaint yourself with your own energy.


August 23–September 22
You are invited to re-examine your relationship with trust in this season. I keep getting the strong message here for you to let go. The next time you find yourself caught up in the chaotic energy of self-criticism and internalised perfectionism, remember it’s safe to let go of this. It is safe to dissolve this illusion of where you think you “should” be. The transits affecting you most in this time may send you into a deep process of revising your unconscious patterns of thinking and relating. Just remember, your healing gifts are endless in this world. But to access your deepest conscious potential, you must work on catching the false narratives that form part of and outdated pattern of thinking. It’s safe to let go.


September 23–October 22
You have the innate ability to see beauty in all things, Libra. This season presents a time for you to lean into this gift with full gusto. The universe may throw multiple opportunities and tests at you in order to shift the way you do relationships and connect with others. You are enough and you don’t have to do anything to be enough. Speak from this place of value and beauty to yourself and the world will see you. These themes intensify during the Full Moon in Libra on the 29th of March, where you are confronted with the wounds of identity and value, challenged in your expression of self and individuality. This highlights where you forget yourself in order to meet the perceptions of others. Gift yourself a clean slate.


October 23–November 21
This season brings up the constant theme of power and the way it is used. Scorpio’s intention as an archetypal energy is getting to the absolute truth. Normally to do this, you have to go through many transformations. Transits that most affect you this month will encourage you to get to the truth of who you are and to look unflinchingly at what makes you tick and what frightens you about putting your gifts out into the world. This peaks during the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 26th of April, followed by Pluto, your ruler, stationing retrograde on the 27th. Experiences and tests may unfold in this time to bring you into a deep acceptance of the ending of things so that you can become fearless in the face of rebirth.


November 22–December 21
This time presents many opportunities to move away from painfully strong belief systems that perhaps served you for a long while, but no longer do. This is a season that may require you to dig really deep into your centre to sustain the experiences and triggers thrown your way in order to expand into your highest potential. You may feel a little caught between two worlds — this older and heavier version of yourself and a new self that feels much more spiritually and emotionally connected. The back and forth between these two distinct energies has the potential to exhaust you. This is an essential part of the process of your greatest transformation. Trust in your insights, ideas, gifts and new knowledge about who you are. Remain present to what is in front of you and open your mind and heart.


December 22–January 19
Finding a new way to work towards your chosen path in the world is a deep theme in this time for you. This current energy may feel confronting to you, almost like a rug has been pulled out from under you as you are encouraged to rebel and almost forget not what you’ve been doing, but how you’ve been doing it. More specifically, you are called to let go of any daily habits and mind forms that can’t help but result in your own suffering and self-talk. Rebelling against the norm for you can be as simple as slowing down to listen better to your deeper needs as a person, rather than placing emphasis on your roles in the world. Start to feel yourself moving forward from a deeper, more heart-centred place.


January 20–February 18
This is a time for you to assess where you are focusing your attention, Aquarius, places you are in that are no longer in alignment with your truest heart’s desires. It’s a deeply introspective period where the universe sends you opportunities and tests to decipher your energy expenditure when it comes to the delicate balance between independence and responsibility, and the tension that you may feel from this. Your greatest gifts of futuristic vision, innovation and rebellion are at home in groups and communities moving towards a shared vision. You are called to slow everything down and pull all of your resources back into yourself.


February 19–March 20
This season moves you into a deep integration of who you truly are. As we shift paradigms, the collective begins to realise that your boundaryless, dreamy and dissolving energy cannot be put into a human-shaped box. Because this world can come off as very harsh against your gentle way of meeting reality, you may have been programmed to constantly second-guess yourself and your own unique process of relating and creating. The universe sends you opportunities in this time to begin to open up to those around you and reveal your heart-centred way of thinking and communicating in the world. Embrace your own unique way of expression and it doesn’t have to be with words.