In bed with carlotta and gee: We get to know the founders of the brand
We get comfy with Carlotta and Georgina, founders of affordable and quality linen label carlotta + gee.

Carlotta and Georgina, what is a quality you love about yourselves and one you love about each other?

Georgina: I made a promise to myself at least 15 years ago that I would always stick to my word. There’s nothing more hurtful, annoying or selfish than to say something and not stick to it, no matter how big or small. 

Carlotta: I am a lover of living your best life. You only have one shot at it, so I want all my friends, family and myself to live each day to the best of their ability and be happy

G: A quality I love about working with Carlotta … I love her contagious energy! Also, her desire to have the most amazing attention to detail in terms of design, look and feel. She won’t settle for second best. 

C: A quality I love about working with Gee … I love how we work together. Gee is a great storyteller and helps to get the C+G story out there to the world.

How did carlotta + gee first come into conception and when?  

In February 2018, we travelled to Byron Bay in New South Wales. It was here where we started discussing the feeling you get when sleeping in linen and that all of our friends couldn’t afford it. Linen sheets always seemed to be on our “wish list”. We started talking to Carlotta’s mum who is an interior designer in Spain and who had contacts in France. It helped that we lived together in our Paddington terrace in Sydney as we could spend every morning and night before and after work researching and planning for our label.

Things started to feel real once we visited France and felt the quality of our linen. We knew we were on to a winner. The next step was to find someone to build us a website and, as fate would have it, Gee’s friend’s cousin was starting out on her own and built it for us. During the next month or two, things moved pretty fast – there wasn’t much sleeping and we worked seven days a week. 

What are the values behind carlotta + gee?

We are extremely passionate about investing in oneself. There’s nothing more desirable than someone who knows who they are and understands the importance of looking after themselves.

We also are very eco-friendly and we make sure the cycle continues full-circle. For example, our flax plant is grown and all the offshoots are used, including the oil from the plant for varnishing furniture and the seeds for eating.  

How does your linen make a difference in the world?

We have found linen that you don’t need to iron – who would have thought? Because of this, we are saving electricity, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the environment. As mentioned above, all of our flax plant has a purpose. There is no waste. We are also looking into other ways to give back, whether that is by providing tools for females to thrive in business or giving any spare linen to the homeless to ensure everyone has the opportunity to sleep well.

Where do you source your materials?

We did plenty of research before deciding where we receive our linen from. Normandy in France has some of the best-quality linen there is. The climate is the right temperature to ensure the flax grows strong and tall. Then, when it is formed into threads, it doesn’t break like some linen from warmer climates.

In bed with carlotta and gee: We get to know the founders of the brand

Realistically, how often should we be washing our bed linen?

Wash your sheets once a week. The duvet can last two to three weeks between washes. It’s best to use cold water on a gentle cycle and definitely don’t mix colours. To dry, hang them outside but not in direct sunlight. Linen is a natural plant so direct sun is not good for it.

How do you come up with your gorgeous colour palette?

We have 14 colours, which we have been told sets us apart. Our staples are white, natural, stone and dark grey. The natural stripe and marine stripe have been extremely popular with their coastal vibes. Light pink is one of our strongest colours; it goes with everything and is almost our number one.

What are your favourite parts in the entire creation process?

C: I love visualising how the pieces and colours will come together and what will suit our values and the tone of our brand. It is very exciting to see the brand growing. Piece by piece, it comes together. 

G: My favourite part is the planning before each order. So much thought goes into this and as we continue to grow, the process continues to change. The planning, like each step, is critical to the overall process and success of the business, so there’s a lot of pressure – but it keeps things interesting and we are learning all the time.

How do you live wild and meaningful lives?

C: I love hearing the ocean. This is when I feel most wild and free. It’s an energy that can’t be explained. We have recently moved to the beach, so I look forward to exploring the area. 

G: Coffee is a must! I also often think, “Why be boring when the world is your oyster? Push boundaries.” Travel is a huge part in living a free life. This could be a night away, a weekend trip or a month abroad somewhere. 

What’s next for carlotta + gee?

We can’t reveal too much, but let’s just say there will be expansion internationally and maybe even some more lifestyle products. Matt Damon and his wife bought C+G linen bedding, so hopefully it involves them!

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