search for ancient wisdom led Natasha Lewis on an international journey. After visiting more than 30 countries, Natasha had cultivated knowledge of indigenous plants that would enhance wellbeing and provide energy, from seaweed to Maca to superfruits.

This intensive research led her to her true calling — becoming the owner of Power Super Foods, a 100 per cent Australian-owned company dedicated to providing the very finest organic superfoods from around the globe. “It was so rewarding to visit the cacao plantations in Peru and Bolivia,” Natasha says, recalling one of her most memorable product-sourcing journeys. “Cacao adds deliciousness to recipes but is also a source of sustainable energy, and an abundant source of minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium, as well as antioxidants, rich polyphenols and feel-good compounds.” This has resulted in Power Super Foods’ cacao being one of their most popular products, alongside their new range of organic raw seaweeds sourced from the pristine Atlantic waters. “People in the know love seaweeds for their amazing nutritional benefits, including being a plant-based source of iodine, which is so essential for vegans. Just a sprinkling adds the tastiest umami seasoning to any savoury dish,” Natasha says.

What is a superfood?

Superfoods are edible items that provide exceptional nutritional density. For those new to superfoods, Natasha recommends starting with one of the Power Super Foods team’s favourite products — chia. “Chia is a fantastic introduction to superfoods. For such a tiny innocuous seed, it’s still one of the best superfoods available and its lack of flavour means you can add it to so many recipes — think chia puddings, smoothies, jams, breads, sprinkled on toast or even salads,” Natasha says.
By including this humble product in your diet, you add the richest plant source of essential Omega-3s, calcium, fibre, iron and complete protein to a dish. “A single chia seed can hold a great weight in liquid, making it excellent at keeping you full for longer. Its versatility means it can be enjoyed as a soft-textured pudding or mousse, a crunchy seed, or even as an egg replacer in vegan baked goods,” Natasha says.

Of course, these aren’t the only products Power Super Foods stocks. Berries and tigernuts are other superfoods with amazing health benefits that Natasha and her team promote. Their entire range is organic, vegan, low-GI, fairly traded and gluten- and dairy-free, and it’s packed right here in Australia.

Company with a cause

Not only is Power Super Foods a purveyor of quality products, but it also ensures its business choices are sustainable. The company is committed to partnering with smallholder organic farmers to support them and the role they play in ethical food systems. These suppliers use traditional regenerative farming principles that promote biodiversity, soil health, water management, healthy working conditions, and fair and equitable wages.

“By paying fair prices for our ingredients, we know that our growers can invest in facilities they need such as health care and education,” Natasha says. “We are also Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Organics is not just about being chemical free — it’s an entire system that includes the growing and handling of food and how this is all inextricably linked to the health of the people, animals and environment.”

Balance and beyond

Power Super Foods’ future looks bright, with an exciting new website coming soon. “We’ll also be launching an extraordinary organic beetroot powder, a new Maca powder and more amazing unique seaweeds,” Natasha says.

All these plans require time and energy to execute, as well as balance, something Natasha is all too aware of. “Wellbeing to us means slowing down and creating a healthy balance between our physical health and our mental and emotional happiness. It means consciously consuming nutritious foods and having enough energy to power through the day, but also allowing our body to rest from the busyness of life.”

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