Born from a coalescence of inclusivity, comfort and style, The Unseen is on a mission to rethink underwear. The Aussie intimates label is committed to giving back to the community as well as creating “nudes” for all, offering a shade range that transcends beige. We chat to founder Caitlyn Overell about empowerment, conscious creation and finding the perfect fit.

What inspired you to launch The Unseen?

I wanted to bring to life a brand that truly celebrated our diversity with comfortable staple pieces that didn’t compromise on style. And, alongside this, a brand that could use business for good. All those elements came together and The Unseen was born — it hasn’t stopped evolving since!

When do you feel the most wild?

Just disappearing into nature. I adore camping and where we live, we are so lucky to have the rare opportunity to camp on the beach just north of Noosa. Going to sleep listening to the ocean, waking with the sun and spending your day in nature and simply existing without a thought for time or busyness — it’s the ultimate stress release and the moments I’ll always cherish.

The Unseen is all about empowerment and feeling good in your own skin. What does empowerment mean to you?

Oh, I really love this question! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because I feel what it comes down to is a constant journey of learning and shedding. When you come to know what’s no longer serving you and you can begin to dismantle those ideas, habits, people or pressures, it’s incredible how empowering that can be.

Can you talk us through the design of The Unseen garments?

Each piece was designed with one motto in mind: comfort meets flattery. I always felt like they were treated as two separate ideals for women, and flattery was so often associated with a sexualised male gaze. I will always seek to challenge that. The only consideration your underwear needs is what looks and feels perfect for you. So each style begins with considering what would feel beautiful to wear, but would also make us feel our best.

We only work with luxuriously soft, sustainable fabrications because it needs to be as kind on the planet as it is on our privates. And each style and fit really seeks to serve a purpose for our everyday wardrobe. I wanted to create a capsule collection with a range of options that could satisfy you — from lounging around on a Sunday with a serious bread bloat to finding that perfect little black bralette to pair under a silky slip for a night out. They’re staples, but for all our moments.

How do you ensure the sustainability and ethics of your brand?

For me, it’s a very personal journey. The Unseen is my creation and my responsibility so in running this business, I could not put my name to it if it wasn’t in alignment with my values. I’m extremely focused on making the choices that are as socially responsible and environmentally conscious as possible, but I also feel that that commitment means I need to always continue learning.

Throughout the production process, I choose to only work with certified suppliers throughout our supply chain as this gives me the greatest confidence in the traceability of our textiles. Our fabric mill is certified by the international organic certification body ECOCERT and is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. And our factory is committed to a voluntary BSCI program whereby a third-party audit assesses their workplace conditions and standards through regular audits and worker interviews. They also pay above award wages to workers, plus overtime, and strict safety and environmental standards are adhered to. And then when it comes to packaging, all our garments are packaged inside a protective bio-cassava polybag that is not only certified biodegradable and compostable, but will also literally dissolve in a cup of warm water! It’s just about looking at each step of the journey and assessing the best possible options along the way.

Can you tell us more about The Unseen’s ethos of giving back?

We had a deep desire to build a social purpose behind the brand. When I learned that underwear is one of the most in-demand and least donated items for crisis shelters across Australia, I realised there was a huge need. No one likes pre-loved underwear, so there is a huge need for underwear donations. We are very driven by this cause to give back to some of the most vulnerable people in our local communities. So many women seek refuge during times of crisis for reasons such as domestic violence or homelessness and they come without their basic necessities. We commit five per cent of our profits to funding the donation of underwear to community shelters.

How does the brand incorporate inclusivity?

I used to be in such disbelief that in a world so diverse, with so many different skin tones, that it was acceptable for brands to sell “nude” underwear that excluded anyone with a skin tone that wasn’t … beige? What?! So the first commitment I made when I decided to design “Nude” underwear was developing a larger spectrum of skin tone options. As The Unseen began to take form, my checklist was natural and breathable organic fibres that were really comfy and well-fitting in a wide range of shades for a diversity of women. I’m so proud of the range of skin-toned options we have — it took us over 18 months to develop the perfect selection of five nude shades.

What are your top tips for finding the perfect fit and cut when it comes to underwear?

First, think practically. Underwear is the foundation of every outfit so consider what you wear and what you’d love to be wearing underneath.
Second, always opt for organic, natural fibres. They’re far gentler on the skin and, most importantly, they’re breathable and absorbent. Whoever decided that seamless synthetics were a good idea clearly never consulted their GP — we gotta let our bits breathe!
And last, if you’re unsure of your size, always measure your underbust, waist and hips and the sizing chart will direct you to the best size for you.

What’s next for The Unseen and where do you see the brand in three years’ time?

I began designing and developing my fabric over three years ago and so much innovation has occurred in the industry since then, so I am now working on some exciting new pieces in a beautiful new fabrication. I cannot wait to share what’s in store. We have the comfiest and most beautiful bra coming in cup sizes above DD, so watch this space!

For more information, visit or find The Unseen on Instagram @theunseenlabel.