Meet artist and surfer girl Jeanne Beuvin
There’s a lot to love about Jeanne Beuvin’s work. The French artist’s dreamy depictions of women surfing rendered in a palette of beach-inspired hues is exactly the sort of post-lockdown summer mood we need.

What makes you feel the most wild and alive?

Clearly, it’s surfing! The incredible feeling of being in perfect harmony with the ocean, the waves and nature makes me feel alive, free and happy.

When did your love for art first begin?

My passion for art began when I was very young. Even when I was five years old, I was a fan of the Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his fruit and vegetable faces. I loved to draw and it became obvious that I was going to study and work in the field of art one day.

Where did your love for surfing and the ocean come from?

I was born and grew up in a house on the beach. My garden was the beach and the sea was just 10 metres from the front door. So for me it has always been impossible to separate myself from the ocean; it is like a member of my family, my home. My father taught me how to kite surf when I was very young and with time I got into surfing and decided to move to Biarritz so I could surf every day.


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How has a sense of ambition and drive shaped where you are now?

I was a graphic designer in an agency in Biarritz and one day I said to myself, “Do I really like what I do?” and “Is my job preventing me from doing what I love?” So I resigned from my job on a whim. For a year I did my best to be able to live off my drawings; I put my drawings on Instagram, I drew and drew, and drew again. And today it’s my proper job!

Where do you find inspiration for your illustrations?

For me it’s really easy. I need music that makes my skin tingle (no matter what style), a sofa or an armchair … and that’s it. Inspiration comes from the music. Sometimes I’m not inspired despite my set-up, so I go outside for a walk or I go surfing and the inspirations comes again.

What colours are you currently obsessed with?

Blue, water green, pink and yellow at the moment.

Please share with us your creative practice

Once my music is in my ears, I draw on a pad of paper. I quickly draw a posture, then I add volumes, curves and a decor. After that, I either scan it onto my iPad or I take some time to paint with acrylic.


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What would be your dream collaboration?

I love to draw for packaging, so a brand of tea or coffee, or for cosmetics.

What are you …

Listening to: Everything! Old rock, pop, rap, jazz, folk… except for electronic music, which I don’t like too much.
Reading: I don’t read much — it’s hard for me to stay focused. But I like to read books with pictures, ha!
Watching: I watch some Netflix series, like Dark, a German series. But my favourite movie is Le Grand Bleu by Luc Besson.
Learning: I’m learning a lot right now. I’m learning Japanese and I’m trying to improve my English. I’m learning to paint with acrylic, oil paint, ink, and I’m continuing to learn how to draw every day.

What’s next for you?

I have no idea! And that’s how I love to live my life.

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