We speak to co-founder and CEO of Wotnot, Sinead Roberts, and find out the many ways her baby and skincare brand has innovated the natural and organic industry.

When do you feel wild?

Bushwalking! I’m part of a hiking group and every week I look forward to trekking through our beautiful national parks and along our coastlines. Soaking up the views, the smells and the sounds of nature makes me feel totally alive and recharges my soul.

What inspired you to create Wotnot?

My business partner, Sioned Guard, and I never had any intention of creating a skincare range. Our plan was to introduce the world’s first environmentally friendly disposable nappy, Moltex Nature, to Australia. Our customers were the driving force behind Wotnot. Once they grew to love the nappies, they asked for complimentary products but what they asked for just wasn’t available anywhere. So we took a leap of faith, wrote down exactly what they wanted and promised to make it. Everything we have created since then has been through a lovely collaboration with our customers.

What are some of the ways Wotnot gives back to the planet?

We recycle wherever we can, both in our office and in our manufacturing process. We use green energy and our baby skincare tubes are made using recycled plastic.

Why are Wotnot products better for our little ones, ourselves and the planet?

Our customers set an extremely high standard when they help us create a product. The number one aim is to use the most gentle, edible ingredients. This makes our products suitable for the most sensitive and allergy-prone skin, from newborns to our treasured centenarians.

If you could imagine a new world, what would it look like?

The French composer Debussy said that music is the space between the notes, and I think we need to make time for this space. Find a way to be less rushed and slower-paced. Less noisy and instead quieter. Have less yet appreciate more.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My days starts with our dog tapping on the bedroom door to go for a walk. After our walk and breakfast, I head to work. Being part of a small company means every day is an adventure, sometimes in a positive way, sometimes not! But either way, at the end of the day, I try to leave it behind and go for another walk, do some exercise or take my daughter to her weekly activities.

What is your guilty pleasure?

A Jane Austin book or movie.

Any beauty secrets you swear by?

Wotnot face sunscreen as it contains COSMOS-approved plant collagen to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I have very fair skin, designed for a much colder climate, and I wish I’d used face sunscreen on a daily basis from a much earlier age. UV-B rays cause sunburn but UV-A rays are the main cause of premature skin ageing. Daily use of a good quality sunscreen can help protect against skin ageing.

What’s next for you personally?

I would like to do a four-day hiking trail, so I’m getting my fitness up for that. My youngest daughter enters her last year of high school, so it’s the end of one chapter of my parenting life and I’m looking forward to having more time for me as she spreads her wings.

What’s next for Wotnot?

We have very exciting products coming out this year that we believe are a gamechanger. We’ve been working on these for about three years and can’t wait to share them with our customers.

For more, visit wotnot.com.au