Your spring & summer horoscope 2021
Wondering what the cosmos has in store for you in the coming months? WILD astrologer Jessi Simpson is back with your spring & summer horoscope 2021.


This season brings you depth and transformation, with the cosmos sparking your connection to the intuitive part of you, Aries. This is the part of you connected to the universe’s truths and the part of you that knows who you truly are, beyond any identity. Your most potent medicine at this time can be found in holding the bigger picture perspective as you lean into healing any wounds that still hold you in the past, specifically related to your family of origin. Now is the time to learn to cultivate more rest than you may think is possible, as you ignite your inner flame and courageously choose to feel all that longs to be felt, comforted, sat with and, finally, released. Normalise the mess and remember the medicine to be found within the bigger picture.


With such intense shifts happening within you and around you this season, you may be wondering where to focus your attention, Taurus. The mystery, magic and joy in the present moment is aching to come alive within you. To drown out the noise of the world, you are called upon to strengthen any practices and rituals that connect you to your truth, freedom and sense of sovereignty. Create the space necessary for the things that have been floating in the air for the last season to land, process and heal. The tides are turning and it is your time to receive the support, stability and generosity you so graciously offer the world. Where can you let the light in a little more? You deserve to feel the peace, joy and love that surrounds you always.


By moving into unknown territories outside of your control, you are faced with the ending of all things, Gemini. Stay with the shedding process and it will lead you to expand into new unfamiliar grounds where you are asked to find a deeper sense of faith. There is a universal life force energy that runs through All That Is. This season, you are asked to rediscover your own unique connection and dance with the cosmos; to relax into something greater so that you may remember just how held you are. Who are you ready to forgive? What is ready to be gently washed away now? What are you ready to experience? These prompts alone are enough to carry you through this season. Stay with the sacred threads that form from your natural curiosities — they will always lead you back to authenticity.


This season catapults you into a cosmic transformation in the way you see, process and feel your emotions, Cancer. You are here to embody the path of the heart, of love, of feeling emotions. It is a beautiful and raw time where an intensification of your emotions is called forth. Your emotions hold the sacred key to your truth; normalise the messiness and non-linear path of feeling as this is the fertile seed to all that is ready to heal within you. The power of your intuition and feelings not only transmutes your own pain to healing, but your family’s and communities’ too. You are the intuitive nucleus of your home and family. Allow the truth of what you feel to be your compass.


It is your time to roar louder and unapologetically shine exactly as you are, Leo. Anywhere you have wounding around your gifts, anywhere you still need permission to be you, turn these parts towards the Sun and offer them up. You are here to focus on the light and to teach others about what is real by remembering the shadow is only a product of the light. As the collective fear becomes louder, you are called to be unapologetic in your authentic expression and gifts. Do not worry about how your truth will land for others; the point is to be truthful. Now is your time to shine in your own nature like never before, knowing you are protected as you take up residence in the light.


This time presents a sacred opportunity to release any perfectionism you may hold, Virgo. You are called to connect with the truth that you are already free and that everything has a divine order. The details can be your strength, but in this time you are called upon to simply float down the stream of your life, to relax into yourself. As the intensity of the societal fabric continues to blow up around you, centre yourself in your authenticity by releasing what you cannot control. Relax into yourself completely and future timelines will become more available to you. Trust what you feel, see and intuit. Your connection to the Earth’s way is as natural as breathing, so lean into it now and supply yourself with what you already know.


This season presents a sacred opportunity for healing where there has been a disconnect in your home, your relationships and within your family, Libra. The thread that runs through it all is one of taking sacred responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, emotions and direction of your heart. You do not need to apologise or explain why you are the way you are or feel the way you do. This time offers a profound healing container for taking up residence in your truth when it comes to your relationship to all things. You are asked to evaluate where you put others and the circumstances of your heart. Can you do what must be done, say what needs to be said, without placing the other out of your heart?


Scorpio, this season presents the key to claiming back your inner power and authority by remembering you always know better than anyone else what is right for you. You are called upon to reacquaint yourself with your wounds. This time in history could very well be named Scorpionic in essence through how we behave, through a society unwilling to accept death. Your gift is your intensity and it is time to direct your intensity inward. Intensity simply embodies a willingness to get to the ultimate truth and this is your nature. Your intuitive abilities are coming alive like never before, so it’s imperative that you plant your roots deep into Earth, however that looks to you.


This is a beautiful season that offers a new level of safety through deepening spiritual bonds with others, Sagittarius. You are a ray of sunshine on a dark night for many during this time, simply by being who you are, bringing unmistakable lightness and joy to others. This season presents you with the opportunity to fully see and love that about yourself, and to learn to celebrate who you are. Where it perhaps hasn’t been safe for you in the past to be yourself, it is now. Trust what arises to be seen, felt and walked home. As you lean into this safety with new people in your life, discernment returns to you. Trust what you feel and let go of the parts of your life that no longer resonate.


The cosmos is sending you messages to attune to your true desires, Capricorn. Where you would usually stick it out for a job, a cause or for someone else, you are now called to put yourself at the centre of this season. You may be asked to make some big decisions about what you have worked so hard for, for so long. Drown out the noise of the world and do what is necessary to come back to your essence, and to listen to your own voice. Your willingness to simply be with the unknown will lead you to a whole new sense of inner spaciousness. Repeat the affirmation “I have all the time and space I need” whenever you feel unsteady or rushed.


As a radical and revolutionary, Aquarius, you are called upon during this season of collective upheaval to remember joy is your most natural state of being. Anything that states otherwise comes from fear. As the bearer of the waters of the collective consciousness, you have a natural visionary ability to sense the emotional and spiritual state of the future. It is imperative you begin to tell the difference between what you are feeling personally and what you are feeling on behalf of the collective. You have an incredible access to truth, and the moment you choose to accept this, your perception will change for the better. Trust what moves you is guiding your access to different timelines and states. Your voice is powerful and important, and your actions speak louder than words.


Dream states are your love language and it is the season to pay more attention to what happens behind closed eyes, Pisces. If you feel like sleeping in a little longer, indulge yourself. If you don’t feel tired and want to continue star gazing, continue. This is a magical time; you are offered the opportunity to realise enchantment has nothing to do with fantasy or escapism. Your connection to enchantment is as natural as the setting sun. It offers a sense of belonging to a multi-dimensional world; a wholehearted participation in the mystery and magic of life. Realise the doorways into your own enchantment are the same doorways that give you a deep sense of home within your body, within this Earth and within your communities. It’s time to wake up to your beauty by waking up to your gift with the Great Mystery.

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Jessi Simpson is a multidisciplinary creative, writer and evolutionary astrologer whose work is directed at co-creating an experience of soul and authentic evolution. Jessi currently resides on the mid-north coast of NSW with her lover and her dogs. Her days are spent slowly, with yoga and coffee in the mornings, followed by simple days full of work that sets her alight (and catching a verse of prose here and there on the wind). Her brand, Bloompress, is a creative destination for soulful humans and companies who worship the slow and the soulful. For more, visit @bloompress and use the code WILD15 for purchases.