made to order clothes

Clothes made to order

As piles of unsold clothes accumulated during the pandemic and brands dove into a discount frenzy, a new wave of independent, made-to-order labels flourished. Slower, smaller and more inclusive, these brands are flouting the standard rules of the industry and winning.


Our guide to sustainable travel essentials

As we embark on a new chapter of travel, many of us are looking to bring an eco-minded ethos to our adventures. Georgia Nelson discovers the eco-travel essentials that will help you tread lightly and travel mindfully.

Fast Fashion

The clothing exchange

As shoppers become aware of problems surrounding fast fashion, ethical swaps and clothing exchange platforms are changing the way we interact with our wardrobes.

Clothing the Gap

Clothing The Gap

We speak to the founders of Clothing The Gap, an Aboriginal-owned and -led social enterprise that creates fresh and fun merch. Rocking a Clothing The Gap t-shirt or hoodie not only sparks conversations around dismantling the systems of oppression that exist here in Australia, it also supports Aboriginal health and education.

no new clothes movement

Could you join the no new clothes movement?

Could you go a whole year without buying any new clothes? Those joining the No New Clothes movement experience big benefits — both to the planet and their pockets. But wouldn’t it be boring? Surprisingly, their wardrobes have never been more fresh or more fly.