Juliet Allen
A woman of many talents, Juliet Allen is a psychologist, sexologist, yoga teacher, entrepreneur and dedicated mother who seamlessly weaves each of these titles together on her mission to empower both men and women to embrace their sexuality wholeheartedly.

What is a quality you love about yourself and one you love about your work?

I love that I’ve mastered the art of manifestation. I’ve created a lot of freedom and time for myself in life to enjoy and do stuff that I love, and I believe it’s because I am powerful at manifesting. I love that my work is literally all about sex – it’s so much fun! Working for myself is the ultimate freedom.

What is sexology? How does it apply to people in relationships (monogamous or otherwise) and those who identify as single? 

Sexology is the study of sex. As a sexologist, my mission is to motivate others to feel sexually empowered and free. Sexology is inclusive of everyone – all styles of relationships, gender and sexual identities. Sex is normal and natural; we all have sexual energy present in our bodies (even if we’re not aware of it or we feel numb), so sexology is inclusive of everyone in the world.

How and when did your sexology journey begin? 

It began when I was a lot younger. I was always curious to learn about sexuality and started reading books about sex as a teenager. I was fascinated by human connection and sex. I studied psychology and yoga and became a mum. A few years later, I wanted to turn my interest in sex into a full-time career, so I studied sexology. And here I am today, working for myself and loving it.

Please briefly describe and differentiate between tantra, kundalini and shamanic sexual energies for those that may not have heard of them. 

Tantra is simply choosing with awareness what brings joy to every area of your life, including sex. Tantra brings a deeper connection and intimacy to life, with yourself and with others.

Kundalini is your sexual energy (also known as life-force energy) that exists in the body. And shamanic sexuality is simply tapping into your shamanic powers and energy when connecting with others. They’re all deeply linked.

How important is intimacy and sex in a relationship? 

Intimacy and sex are very important! Both provide a powerful way to connect and communicate with your lovers, acting as portals into deep union and intimacy in your day-to-day life.

How do we have more meaningful sex?

There are a few ways you can have more meaningful sex. Here are the important ones:

Communication – Communication is the key to more meaningful sex. Don’t be afraid to talk about sex with your partner and communicate your desires.

Presence – Be fully present and aware while enjoying sex.

Breath – Bring awareness to your breathing, notice it and sync your breathing with your lover.

Sound – Allowing yourself to make sounds while having sex is really important; sound activates your pleasure centre and creates more sensation in the body.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to become a sexologist?

My biggest piece of advice is to go and explore as much as you can sexually. Enjoying a colourful and adventurous sex life with lots of different experiences makes for a great sexologist. And do the inner work – meaning, work on your own emotional baggage and issues. This is really important if you want to help others.

What can we do right now for more authentic and conscious relationships? 

Firstly, work on your own relationship with yourself. That’s the number-one important thing and the foundation of great relationships with others. Learn how to communicate effectively, which includes how to listen effectively. Search for anything that’s getting in the way of you expressing your true authentic self, then work on letting go of anything that’s holding you back from being that in the world.

What are you three top tips for becoming an exceptional lover? 

  1. Presence.
  2. Authenticity and expressing all of yourself during sex.
  3. Looking after and understanding your menstrual cycle.

Do you have any favourite routines or rituals?

Yes, I love to slather myself in coconut oil and then soak in a hot bath full of essential oils.

What’s next in your life and business?

Life – more babies and living the simple life. Business – an exciting new online platform with loads of educational material for everyone.

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