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The WILD team share what they're listening to right now with reviews by Kate Duncan and Sophie Flecknoe.

Offline, the Podcast


At its core, Offline, the Podcast is an exploration of true self through raw, honest conversations facilitated by Alison Rice. With a background in the fast-paced digital world, Rice speaks to her guests from a very real place. Discussing a myriad of topics from meditation, family, fear,relationships, career and health, her main focus is to understand the “self”. Most of her guests have a strong online presence or social following. Rice offers them a moment to step outside of the rigid labels placed on them, to get “offline”and truly be themselves. She treats each guest with genuine affection and real emotion. When there’s laughter, it’s raucous. When there are tears, they flow. Rice’s emotions run deep as she allows herself to vulnerable and heard. SF

Untangle, Meditation Studio

With benefits like a calm mind, better sleep, relaxation and clarity, it’s no wonder meditation is becoming more mainstream. Untangle, the podcast by health app Meditation Studio, makes meditating even easier by providing you with your very own pocket meditation and health coach. Each episode introduces you to real people with real stories about how mindfulness practices have changed their lives for the better. It features calm and thoughtful conversations with various experts who have dedicated their lives to helping others through meditation. In Untangle,you will hear from psychologists, doctors, neuroscientists, nutritionists,authors, mindfulness teachers and more. A rich collection of interviews is delivered in a friendly and soothing manner and covers a range of topics to help solve the challenges you might face as well as lessons on why it’s important to meditate,treat anxiety, create healthy sleep habits, foster self-compassion and develop confidence. If you haven’t already tried meditation, Untangle is the perfect place to start. SF

Reviews by Kate Duncan and Sophie Flecknoe