WILD LOVES - get to know Justice Denim and their ethos
We put some of our favourite brands and products to the test to see how they stack up when it comes to sustainability and quality.

Did you know that two million children will be sold in the next year? Every 26 seconds, a kid somewhere in the world is forced into slavery with children younger than 10 made to sell their bodies or carry out life-threatening work.

Learning these horrible facts inspired Deb Schultz to act and fight back. So she created Justice Denim, an ethical label based in Australia.With every pair of Justice Denim jeans bought, you pay for four weeks of valuable education for a child that has been rescued from slavery.

There’s something so special and intentional about wearing an item of clothing that has been made ethically, from good-quality materials and with the upmost care for the environment. It was this exact feeling I had when pulling on the Liberty high-waist skinny-leg jean in black – but it was tripled because I knew these jeans provided a child with a month of education. They are comfy, shape my bum nicely and don’t cinch in too much at the waist.

Deb’s goal is to educate 150 girls a year and, with your help, Iknow she can do it. Join the journey and stand up for social justice – goget yourself a new pair of jeans!