WILD LOVES - the Vari standing desk and how it can improve your health
We put some of our favourite brands and products to the test to see how they stack up when it comes to sustainability and quality.

Come 3pm, how is your posture? Is it slumped, warped and out of alignment? Mine certainly was and I was starting to feel it in my body. My neck hurt, my shoulders were pulled forward and my right hip seemed higher simply from crossing my legs one way and not the other. So I thought it was time to give a standing desk a try.

Before taking the plunge, like the good journalist I am, I did my research. I spoke to others who had a standing desk and asked them how they found it. The most common result was an expanded mental perspective, which I found surprising because I had only been thinking of the physical benefits such as better posture, improved circulation and reduced lower-back pain.

Regarding his standing desk, my editor-in-chief, Terry, said, “The openness of a standing posture versus the closed nature of sitting results in a broader mindset.” After testing out my Varidesk for two months, I couldn’t agree with him more.

Initially, I found it more difficult to focus on demanding tasks when standing, such as writing or reading, but after a couple of weeks, I found that standing enhanced my focus but still allowed me to be broader in my thoughts and deeper with my creativity.

After a month, I found that all the negative physical effects from sitting had pretty much disappeared and, in fact, my body was feeling much more energised. My posture has improved, my shoulders are back in alignment and I cannot imagine going back to sitting for eight hours a day.