wild people


  • Tennille Ziegler

    Tennille Ziegler

    Tennille Ziegler is a wellness, sustainability and eco-travel writer who’s always daydreaming about her next adventure. A lover of health, mindfulness and crafting the perfect life balance, Tennille adores sharing her latest findings at @taiyo__space.

  • Sophie Williams

    Sophie Williams

    Sophie Williams is a London-based writer filled with millennial angst and cynicism, which offer the perfect foundation for her pieces on gender roles, lowbrow pop culture and challenging societal norms.

  • Simone Ziaziaris

    Simone Ziaziaris

    Simone Ziaziaris is a Sydney-based journalist who writes about culture, human rights, sustainability and everyday yarns in between. She loves meeting new, creative people through her work and finds joy in listening and learning from those she crosses paths with. Find her on Insta at @simoneziaziaris.

  • Shannon Dunn

    Shannon Dunn

    Shannon Dunn is a journalist, holistic wellness practitioner, eco beauty editor, low-tox living expert, light-led entrepreneur and mother. Find out more at shannondunn.com.

  • Sam Bailey

    Sam Bailey

    Sam Bailey is a Sydney-based journalist and yoga teacher who is passionate about inspiring women and men to be embodied and empowered across everything from spirituality and sexual pleasure to relationships, mental health, wellness and happiness.

  • Rae White

    Rae White

    Rae White is a non-binary writer and poet. Their poetry collection Milk Teeth (UQP) won the 2017 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize. Their short story The Body Remembers won second prize in the 2019 Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction. Rae is the editor of #EnbyLife Journal for non-binary creatives.

  • Pippa Kulmar

    Pippa Kulmar

    Pippa Kulmar is the founder of Pipp-Astrology, a place dedicated to understanding your contract with the cosmos. Pippa combines ancient archetypes found in Hindu, Greek and Roman mythology with astrology to understand the story of your life as it’s written in the skies. Find her at pippastrology.com or @pippastrology on Instagram.

  • Michelle Janssen

    Michelle Janssen

    Michelle is on the Ambassador and Speakers Bureau for Beyond Blue, a national organisation that works to raise awareness about anxiety and depression, reduce the associated stigma and encourage people to get help. She is currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and is a member of the Australian Counselling Association. She is also a stand-up comedian by night. michellejanssen.com.au

  • Lauren Furey

    Lauren Furey

    Lauren Furey is a freelance writer who spends her days hauling two small children around on a bike. She enjoys tea, recycling and talking to strangers.

  • Kate Duncan

    Kate Duncan

    Kate Duncan is the Editor of WellBeing and of WellBeing's WILD little sister. She loves raw desserts, yoga and surfing at her local beach in Byron Bay.

  • Josh Reed

    Josh Reed

    Josh Reed is an accredited dietitian (APD), sports dietitian and personal trainer based in Byron Bay. Josh operates Reed Nutrition, a dietetic consulting business specialising in gut health, food intolerance, plant-based nutrition and sports nutrition. Josh also works in Aboriginal health, delivering primary prevention programs as well as clinical care.

  • Jessica Humphries

    Jessica Humphries

    Jessica Humphries is a freelance writer, editor and yoga teacher who enjoys life in the slow lane in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

  • Jessi Simpson

    Jessi Simpson

    Jessi Simpson is a multidisciplinary creative, writer and evolutionary astrologer whose work is directed at co-creating an experience of soul and authentic evolution. Visit @bloompress.

  • Jazz Thornton

    Jazz Thornton

    Jazz Thornton is a young New Zealander who is the co-founder of Voices of Hope, which provides help and hope to those struggling with mental illness. She advocates for those with depression, anxiety and suicidal thinking all around the world. She’s the author of Stop Surviving Start Fighting.

  • Jade Hunter

    Jade Hunter

    Jade Hunter is a writer, yoga teacher and naturopath. She is passionate about sustainable living, herbal medicine and plant-based nutrition. When Jade isn’t writing or studying, you’ll find her surfing, going on road trips or curled up with a good book.

  • Glen James

    Glen James

    Glen James is a multi-award-winning financial adviser and host of the My Millennial Money podcast. He has helped countless people get on top of their finances. The Glen James Spending Plan is available online if you are looking for a way to ween off BNPL schemes and to set your cash flow up to win. mymillennialmoney.com

  • Georgia Nelson

    Georgia Nelson

    Georgia Nelson is a journalist based on the South Coast of NSW and the features writer at WellBeing and WILD. She has a penchant for sustainable beauty, slow fashion and feminist literature. Find her on Instagram @geo_rose.

  • Ema Taylor

    Ema Taylor

    Ema Taylor is a naturopath, clinical nutritionist and certified fertility awareness educator. For more, visit emataylor.com or @emataylornaturopathy on Instagram. 

  • Christine Bernard

    Christine Bernard

    Christine Bernard is a fiction author of both adult and children’s literature. A perfect day for her includes good company, great food and lots of books. She also has an obsession for coffee and guinea pigs, but not necessarily in that order. You can find out more about Christine at christinebernard.com

  • Charlie Hale

    Charlie Hale

    Charlie Hale is the Deputy Editor of WellBeing, EatWell and WILD. ​She writes about a plethora of things women care about — from pasta to politics and everything in between.

  • Cassie Haywood

    Cassie Haywood is a kiwi living down under who loves exploring nature and eating a good burger. When she isn’t chasing adventures or writing for Grand Designs Australia magazine, you’ll find her freelance writing and editing for topics she’s passionate about.

  • Caroline Robertson

    Caroline Robertson

    Caroline Robertson practises and teaches natural therapies and First Aid in Sydney. For consults, classes, treatments and retreats, visit carolinerobertson.com.au

  • Brooke Boland

    Brooke Boland

    Brooke Boland is a freelance writer based on the South Coast of NSW.

  • Asmaa Guedira

    Asmaa Guedira

    Asmaa Guedira is a Moroccan-born and adopted French digital nomad. She works at the intersection of social justice, systemic change and regenerative culture through writing, facilitation, performance art and public speaking. She’s currently writing a book about identity.

  • Ashleigh Hobson

    Ashleigh Hobson

    Ashleigh Hobson is a Melbourne-based freelance writer. When she’s not traipsing the globe or hanging out with her cats, she writes about travel, health, and lessons learned while stumbling through her 20s.

  • Alexx Stuart

    Alexx Stuart

    Alexx Stuart is a passionate educator in the space she calls "living a low-tox life". Through her speaking, workshops, e-courses and online community, she helps people make the best new choices for themselves, their family and the planet.