WILD READS - the WILD team review what they're reading right now
The WILD team share what they're reading right now with reviews by Kate Duncan and Sophie Flecknoe.


Beneath the Skin 


Naomi Alderman says, “We think of ourselves as a single, unitary, contained within this envelop of flesh; everything inside the outline of ours skin is ‘us’. And yet …” Each body has a different story to tell, so who better to tell them than some of the world’s finest writers? Beneath the Skin shares 15 different pieces originally commissioned, performed and broadcast part of the BBC Radio 3 series A Body of Essays, which was produced by Kate Bland. Each writer explores a different body part: intestines,womb, nose, brain, lungs and many more. Beneath the Skin, often comical and unexpected, is a unique and mysterious voyage through the fascinating landscapes of the body. KD

Warndu Mai (Good Food)


Ready to introduce some native Australia ingredients into your cooking? Warndu mai, which means “good food” in David Coulthard’s Adnyamathanha language, also titles his and Rebecca Sullivan’s book, an informative and contemporary cookbook and compendium of native foods that will teach you how to create true Australian bush tucker at home. You’ll find information about seasonal availability, cooking tips and over 80 accessible recipes showcasing ingredients such as Kakadu plum, finger lime, pepper berry and native currants.Cook your way through Warndu Mai but remember, as Yu in man and writer Bruce Pascoe states at the start of the book, “You can’t eat our Aboriginal food if you can’t swallow our history.” Warndu Mai celebrates the overlooked and underappreciated ingredients and culture of true Australia — enjoy its many delights! KD

Genealogy for Gardeners


This must be one of the most beautifully illustrated books ever to land on our desk. Written by ecologist Dr Ross Bayton, along with Simon Maughan, a scientist with 25 years of studying and developing a love of plants, Genealogy for Gardeners attempts to bring order to more than a quarter of a million different plant species. For ease of reference, the book has been divided into three sections: the gymnosperms, monocots and early angiosperms and eudicots. In each chapter, key details are accompanied by stunning illustrations, easy-to-read diagrams, plant family trees and an extensive glossary of botanical terms to aid clear identification. If you’ve always wanted to make sense of the enormous biological diversity of the plant kingdom, then Genealogy for Gardeners will be as valuable as your favourite gardening gloves. KD

A Basket by the Door


“Making and sharing good, simple, seasonal food is an act of love and generosity.” To give and share food with those you love is the sentiment behind A Basket by the Door,by Sophie Hansen who, originally from Sydney, now lives on a farm just outside of Orange in New South Wales. She shares many beautiful meals, snacks, drinks and desserts, all created using freshly grown produce from her garden. With seasonal produce the focus, Hansen’s creative recipes are punctuated by beautiful imagery of food, cooking and the surrounds of the farm. Complete with ideas for picnics, packed lunches, care packages and hampers, this book is generous, warm and full of wisdom and inspiration. What we love the most? The way Hansen encourages you to create a nourishing care basket and leave it at the doorstep of someone you love, or someone who needs love. SF

Card Decks 

The Moonchild Tarot


The Moonchild Tarot card deck, written and illustrated by talented Danielle Noel, is one of the most exquisite collection of tarot cards we’ve ever seen. With thick gold glitter edges, the cards shimmer with brightness and curiosity. How do they work? What will they have to say? With them, you’ll learn the scared wisdom of the tarot through the world of ancient mysticism, the moon and the divine goddess.Embellished on the cards, you’ll find Noel’s stunning artwork of animals,humans, nature and symbols that will hook you in immediately. To help you decipher the tarot cards, Noel has included an almost 300-page guide sharing everything you need to know about shuffling and reading for yourself and others. KD

Emotional First Aid Kit


Struggling to sleep? Worried you’ll never find the right partner? Feeling like a failure? It’s time to pull a card from The School of Life’s Emotional First Aid Kit. In the box, you’ll find emergency advice for 20 key psychological situations.Touching on topics like self, work, love, sex and friendship, the cards share highly-effective remedies to calm you down, change your perspective or have a laugh. Modelled after medical first-aid kits, the deck reminds us of the crucial importance of emotional wellbeing as well as physical health. We suggest you keep the kit somewhere close and, whenever you feel challenged,pull a card. And, if you have a friend or family member experiencing a moment of crisis, you’ve got a deck full of emotional antidotes to share. KD

Reviews by Kate Duncan and Sophie Flecknoe