Lockdown inspiration: What the WILD team is reading, listening to and loving right now
Looking for some lockdown inspiration? We've got you covered. Here are all the books, podcasts and games the WILD team can't get enough of.


Unlikely life-altering friendships, gender dysphoria, drugs, homelessness and drag queens — author Craig Silvey is back with a book that encapsulates a struggle across generations. Honeybee charts an intense and emotionally driven path filled with the highs and lows of finding your identity and embracing it, and not just among friends and family but within yourself. Honeybee is a heartbreakingly powerful story of resilience, hope and struggle. Reminding us of the power of acceptance, representation and love, the book is a gripping must-read of its time. Honeybee, in our eyes, is a new Australian classic that will undoubtedly bring a deeper understanding of what it is to be a trans youth trying to find your place in a heteronormative world. CB

Home by Natural Harry
Ditch your shopping habits, reduce your waste and DIY your way to a sustainable, low-tox life with Home by Natural Harry. Packed cover to cover with natural homemade recipes to sustain a slow and waste-free lifestyle, Birrell covers everything from the kitchen to your wardrobe; think bulk food store essentials, two-minute recipes for cleaning products, fermented pantry staples, dog wash, smudge sticks, skincare essentials and even DIY dried flowers. Plus, the book is filled with beautiful imagery and handy tips, so it looks as good in your book stack as it does on display. The thoughtful compendium will become your eco bible and teach you how to embrace the beauty of a frugal lifestyle. GN

Home Body
If you’re looking for meaningful poetry that you can lose yourself in on a rainy afternoon, Rupi Kaur’s Home Body is for you. Home Body effortlessly captures emotions, thoughts and social issues in the most heartbreaking of ways, yet there’s a sense of healing at the turn of each page. Kaur delves into the devastation of trauma, mental health and loss as well as the elation of love and community, all while exploring the power of femininity. In a time where people are not only disconnected from one another but our own selves too, Home Body is the antidote we need to restore our sense of self and remind us that we are not alone. GN


Cheer Up Luv
“Why didn’t you speak up?” “Boys will be boys!” “What were you wearing?” You know all those horrendous things we’ve heard before to “justify” the sexual harassment faced every day by 49.5 per cent of the population. On the back of a successful Instagram account by the same name, Eliza Hatch has formed a community to share experiences and remove the stigma from talking about sexual harassment. From artists to activists and creatives, Eliza interviews a variety of people to explore and unpack everything from unwanted advances and toxic masculinity to transphobia. With a combination of lighthearted chats and serious conversation, Cheer Up Luv will keep you intrigued while the stories and knowledge shared will take you on an emotional journey and leave you with the tools you need to make a difference. CB


Want to improve your photography skills? Unscripted is a game changer! In the app you’ll find camera setting guides to perfectly suit the light, a sun tracker so you can get that illusive golden hour shot (and avoid the rain!) and even posing prompts for directing your subjects. Plus, Unscripted contains a plethora of educational resources from presets and software recommendations to online classes. The app takes everything you need to know about photography and fits it all neatly and aesthetically into one place — your smart phone. Learning a new skill doesn’t have to be overwhelming; with the right resources you can master it in no time. CB

Card Decks

Psychotherapy Cards
Psychotherapy is one of the most valuable inventions of the last hundred years. It can help you to raise your emotional wellbeing, improve your relationships and develop your potential — but how can someone learn more about psychotherapy without actually going to therapy? Say hello to our favourite friends in learning, The School of Life. This global organisation is dedicated to developing emotional intelligence. They do so via workshops, events, online classes, games, gifts and books. Psychotherapy is a set of 20 beautiful cards, each containing a short essay on a key concept of psychotherapy. Use them to discover more about the unconscious, the superego, the meaning of slips of the tongue, transference and many other essential ideas from the history of therapy. For example: a breakdown, as one of the psychotherapy cards suggests, is a real albeit inarticulate bid for health. It is an attempt by one part of the mind to force the other into a process of growth, self-understanding and self-development that it has hitherto refused to undertake. KD