The Wild Words Writing Competition

Wild Words Writing Competition

Wild is created by millennials, for millennials

Wild celebrates millennial voices. We provide a platform for discussion and connection; a place to push the boundaries of the status quo. We don’t shy away from the icky stuff; we’re loud, we’re proud and we take up space. We rival the constraints of the norm and the human form – we know anything is possible. We exist to reinforce the purity of one message: stay Wild. Don’t let life tame you. Stay open and stay curious.

We’re politically engaged, ambitious, career-driven, arts and culture enthusiasts and we care about social issues. We’re media consumers and have a sustainable and global mindset. We’re style conscious, educated and inclusive. We love to optimise our life and work routines for the better. We are forging a new way forward. Millennials have so much to say – Wild is where they want to share it.

The Wild Words Writing Competition

Millennial writers (established or just starting out) are asked to submit 800 words on one (or more) of the different topics below:

• Personal/Life Journey

• Political/Social Commentary

• Environmental

• Fiction/Short Story

The winners

The best articles from each topic will be commissioned and published in Wild. The best writers will also be contacted to pitch ideas for Wild (commissioned), write regularly or develop their initial story to be print-ready. For some entrants, this will be a genuine pathway to regular publication.

Style guide

  • Be opinionated
  • Be concise make every word count
  • Tell us something new
  • Talk to the experts and share their views
  • Watch your word count  submit 800 words

Remember, we want to read your unique take on the events and trends happening now. Don’t copy ideas, form your own. Be fierce and intentional with your words. Most importantly … have fun!

How to enter

Submit your 800-word article to by February 19th, 2021.

Have fun, wild ones x