WILD: Winter and spring horoscope 2021
Do you stare up at the cosmos each night, wide-eyed in awe at the mystery and magic it holds? Evolutionary astrologist Jessi Simpson reveals what your stars are saying.

Discover your Sun (creative, vital, identity self), Moon (emotional, reflective and feeling self) and Rising signs (how you meet the world with your Sun energy) for the juiciest read.


March 21–April 19
This season presents a time for you to work through any old wounds and stories where you have put your deepest desires first, Aries. Lessons and opportunities present within this season for you to realise that it is more than okay to simply want what you want. It is your birthright to feel fulfilled, joyful and happy, and when you genuinely desire something truthful and authentic to you — whether it’s money or a career that lights you up — anything is possible. Go gentle on yourself as old stories and limiting beliefs emerge. These are to be left in the past so you may move forward lighter. The stars beckon you to lighten your load and to realise that, in doing so, you inspire others and deepen your capacity for true connection. Through learning to know yourself as a whole being, rather than just the parts you deem lovable, peace and balance await you.


April 20–May 20
The stars initiate you into a season of refining your health through an evaluation of your day-to-day routine. The cosmos is shaking up any stagnation or inertia that may lie inside you at this time, which may be a result of a lack of balance between your inner and outer worlds. Long-standing beliefs and stories around your connection to your body are shuffled up during this time and you are encouraged to take constructive steps towards true, long-term healing. To align to the energy of this time, make it your deepest intention to come to a place of balance and harmony. The challenges that surface are there to lead you into a deeper understanding of who you truly are and what you truly desire beyond the status quo.


May 21–June 20
You are called to connect deeply with the intention behind each word you speak as you navigate a season grounded in balance, Gemini. The cosmic veil that lies between the version of yourself that you feel and know in this moment and the version that you long to become in the future is exceptionally thin. For your quick-moving and open mind, this may create an increased sense of instability and nervousness. Lean into your breath and any embodiment practices that ground you in your body during this season. The current energies are sparking the realisation in you that with one swift mindset shift, you could choose to live out your dream life. You just need to be crystal clear about what you want. Ground into the quality of your own soul essence and know that moving forward a little slower than usual is okay. In fact, through calming the mind and slowing down physically, your vibration speeds up and becomes even clearer to the universe.


June 21–July 22
The cosmic energy at play offers you the opportunity to deepen your connection to home, family and your sense of belonging in the world, Cancer. You may be presented with multiple tests and challenges that encourage you to examine your most intimate relationships in terms of how understood, seen and heard you feel. There is a radical and futuristic quality to the energies at play right now, which spark a new truthfulness in you that you may find unsettling and uncomfortable. It is a wonderful time to communicate from your heart where things may be feeling out of balance to those close to you. When you come from the heart, the response that you receive speaks a lot about the other person’s capacity to hold space and respect, and love you and your feelings. The stars invite you to develop discernment and boundaries — listen to that intuitive voice. Remember that change is healthy in a relationship in order for two individuals to continue thriving and evolving.


July 23–August 22
This time heralds a sacred opportunity for you to feel and honour completely new emotions, Leo. Perhaps you are paving a new and unfamiliar path for yourself or have an inner whisper telling you it’s time to shake things up in the direction of what your heart most desires. Lean in, despite the fear and unknown territory. Trust in your connection to something greater than yourself and call in experiences that support these new feelings. This is your time to shine through communicating to the world through your gifts. This is a truly magical time for you, presenting the opportunity to let go of the past and embrace this version of yourself stepping through. Wherever you have held back in embracing your gifts will also be highlighted now in order for you to be healed and transmuted.


August 23–September 22
The cosmic energy in this season invites a sense of deep enjoyment and fun through the celebration of your gifts and all that you have worked towards, Virgo. Now is the perfect time to express your gifts to the world and to honour where new skills may be needed so that you can fully shine. You are shown where you override fun and enjoyment through the process of getting the work done. But you must remember that the ability to enjoy and experience laughter and pleasure goes hand in hand with the ability to let go and release. If you withhold laughter, you also withhold tears and the wholeness of your nature and processes. It is through rebalancing your priorities that you will come to deeply realise the power of your healing gifts. Others will meet you and celebrate you in your gifts after you first celebrate and realise them for yourself.


September 23–October 22
This season presents the opportunity to reinvent yourself through re-evaluating your daily rhythms, routines and disciplines, or lack thereof, Libra. Your gift of seeing both sides of any situation through equalising and balance is itself in need of a rebalance. Anything that has been ignored emotionally may surface through your body, presenting a time to realise where you have not been supported or held. More so, this time highlights where you haven’t been open to receiving support through the hurts of the past or through being uncertain in what it is you truly want. You are called to listen to the wisdom carried within your body through its ailments, pains and pleasures to light the way forward. Anything that isn’t in complete alignment with your deepest desires will be shaken up. It is safe to come home to your body now through listening to what it has to share with you. Through listening to yourself, the path to what you truly want lights up.


October 23–November 21
This season is a time to honour the depths of what you truly deserve, Scorpio. Realise that you can have it all through the simple practice of connecting with the senses and with your intuitive abilities. The cosmic energy shows that you can have the mind-blowing intimacy and connection you most desire, through the willingness to be fully seen in all that you are. Your deepest intention is the true power that can only come through vulnerability. You can magnetise the life you truly desire by already knowing it to be true. It is safe to take up full residence in your body and in the existence you have chosen to live. The transits most affecting you in this time stir deep change in you. All you have been moving towards suddenly presents, and it presents in the way you know best — through intensity. But you are ready for this intensity, so it is safe to take all that comes your way in your stride.


November 22–December 21
This is a deeply introspective time containing tests, challenges and opportunities that will show you where you hold back in realising and expanding into your true gifts, Sagittarius. The cosmic energy calls on you to feel where you can be reactive and rebellious, rather than progressive, through the wounds carried from the past. It is a time to practise compassion and self-love as you are shown where you have lacked follow-through by living too much in the mind, in the past and the future rather than taking action in each present moment. It is a time to reflect on your most authentic self. Are you living your reality from a place grounded in fear? The outcome of this season for you is perspective and allowing the challenges and tests to move you into your most authentic place. You are encouraged to connect to the bigger picture of your life with everyday action, through accumulating new tools, studies and skills that will propel you forward.


December 22–January 19
This season presents a time to drop the walls that you have held for perhaps as long as you can remember and be willing to be fully seen for all of who you are, Capricorn. Where in your life are you feeling alienated or like an outcast? You are called upon to examine where you have created roles for yourself that no longer align with you on the deepest level. The cosmic energy presents you with a time to take full responsibility for your sovereignty and free will as a human being and to awaken to the realisation that you can choose differently for yourself and for your future. The tests and challenges that present themselves to you now herald great initiations into the highest version of you. In choosing what is best for you, you are also doing what is best for the collective. It is not so much about what you do, but how you do it.


January 20–February 18
The cosmic energy in this time calls upon you to reform and refine the powers of your futuristic mind, Aquarius. You hold the wisdom of the future at your fingertips. You are encouraged to realise the depths of your power and readiness to evolve through hiccups and challenges in your most familiar relationships. Now is the time to speak the truth of who you are without apology. Through this time you may learn the lesson of the right words at the right time. Who are you safe to share your deepest, most unique thoughts with? This time presents a portal of deep transformation, where you are beckoned to realise your knowledge. This knowledge isn’t something you can learn in this world; it is a part of who you already are and who you came here to be. It is your nature. Where has the story that nobody will truly understand you held you back? It is time to choose another story and call forth your originality.


February 19–March 20
You are entering a boundaryless time where your visions of the future are knocking right at your doorstep, Pisces. The version of you that you have always longed to meet and realise feels so close, but perhaps just out of arm’s reach. The expansive energy in this time dissolves the perceived distance between your life now and the life you have always dreamed of. The key in navigating this season for you, Pisces, is in practices that keep you in integrity with your present experience and embodiment. Once you realise that all that you long for is already within you and waiting to be lived out, the pressure within your mind will significantly lessen. May the challenges and cosmic energy through this time help you to realise that you are in the perfect place for your most authentic evolution, and that your dreams live within the deep acceptance of each and every part of your journey up until this point.

Jessi Simpson is a multidisciplinary creative, writer and evolutionary astrologer whose work is directed at co-creating an experience of soul and authentic evolution. Jessi currently resides on the mid-north coast of NSW with her lover and her dogs. Her days are spent slowly, with yoga and coffee in the mornings, followed by simple days full of work that sets her alight (and catching a verse of prose here and there on the wind). Her brand, Bloompress, is a creative destination for soulful humans and companies who worship the slow and the soulful. For more, visit @bloompress and use the code WILD15 for purchases.