Mend your old clothes

Mend your old clothes and make it feel brand new

Some months into the pandemic, news outlets began reporting on the ineffectiveness of cloth masks. “Time to chuck the cloth!” they warned. I read on, slightly horrified. While I understand the health and safety benefits of N95 masks and alike, […]


Managing stress and nurturing your hormone health

Stress is not the public enemy number one it is often made out to be. Short bursts of stress can actually be helpful; the problem is the rise of long-term chronic stress, which wreaks havoc on our hormones. Naturopath and clinical nutritionist, Ema Taylor, shares her tips for calming your nervous system and nurturing your hormone health.

Inner child

Your inner child can influence your behaviour

I am clinging to a rock wall in the Blue Mountains, tears streaming down my face. You might think my distress comes from a fear of falling 20 metres down the cliff-face (though my sturdy safety equipment promises otherwise). In […]


Hiking alone as a woman

There might be no better remedy to modern-day burnout than alone time in nature, but can women hike safely, solo? Ellen Bryant speaks to the women who have found tranquility on the trails to find out what you need to know before setting out on your own.


Knitting is picking up again

Once a pastime of yore, knitting made a resurgence during the peak of the pandemic and research shows this inexpensive hobby could be the key to mastering mindfulness and better mental health.

gut instinct

Your sixth sense is your gut instinct

A hunch, an inner force or even a premonition — whatever you call it, your gut instinct is a powerful tool that can guide your actions, decisions and relationships. Here’s how to tune into yours and when to heed its call.


Learn how to tackle debt

Your relationship with debt should focus on how to beat it. Ease your money worries and get back on financial track with this step-by-step guide to tackling debt.