Make friends with fascia - we take a look at myofascial release

Make friends with fascia

There’s a new prop on the block and it’s making your yoga practice extra juicy. Here’s everything you need to know to cultivate your own self-myofascial release routine.

Become your own goddes and connect to the divine feminine within

Become your own goddess

Vedic tradition holds that the Earth is a goddess, and that honouring Mother Mature and yourself as part of her can bring you into alignment with all. Here, we look at the 10 Wisdom Goddesses and what each embodiment can mean for your Divine feminine spirituality practice.

Learn to love and accept your perfectly imperfect self through yoga

Learn to love yourself through yoga

Do you find you get caught in the trap of comparison and self-doubt? Self-love is not egotism but rather an honest respect for yourself, regardless of any flaws you may think you have. Yoga can help you learn to love and accept your perfectly imperfect self, just as you are.

How to promote fertility yogi style plus a fertility yoga sequence

How to promote fertility yogi-style

Are you ready to take the next step and start a family but your body’s not cooperating? The link between stress and infertility is real but there are things you can do to reduce stress and boost your chances of conceiving, naturally. Maybe it’s time to roll out the mat and promote fertility yogi style.

Bloom, baby, bloom: WILD takes a look at yoga for pregnancy

Bloom, baby, bloom!

Taking time to stretch, breathe, relax and meditate is the perfect way to create a positive pregnancy for both you and your bub-to-be. The following poses will ease your body through the various changes that each trimester presents.