Polyamory in a Pandemic

Polyamory in a Global Pandemic

Navigating multi-partnered relationships is, at the best of times, like herding cats. For Rae White, a non-binary transgender poet and writer, the global pandemic has added an extra challenge to their polyamorous way of life.


WILD horoscopes: Whats in store for the coming months?

October 2020 to Janurary 2021 |

Find out your Sun (creative, vital, identity self), Moon (emotional, reflective and feeling self) and Rising signs (how you meet the world with your Sun energy) for the juiciest read. Remember, I am just guiding you towards what the stars are encouraging; at the end of the day it’s up to you to make the empowered choice on what the energies at play mean for you.

Is there Power in Protest?

Is there power in protest?

From pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong to climate strikes to Black Lives Matter, mass protests are on the rise globally, but in an increasingly digital world have marches lost their power?

Kekeibo: Saving Money

Kakeibo: The Japanese Art of Saving Money

In order to experience the true richness of life, it’s important you organise your financial resources. We take a look at the Japanese method of kakeibo, a sacred meditative practice for self-care and self-sufficiency.

Aboriginal Fire Management

Fire Country: Aboriginal Fire Management

No more blindness, no more pardons. Look around. It’s time to get uncomfortable with what has really been going on — to our land, to our people, to our elders, to our ancestors. We must take care of our Country. We must learn to fall in love with our land. We must look to our First Nation peoples, listen well and learn.

Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening: The Beauty of Growing Your Own

For Byron Smith, gardening is the ultimate lesson in surrender, patience and presence. Byron’s love for nature and growing food led him to start Urban Growers, a company mindfully designing edible gardens and urban farms. Knowing how to grow your own food — even if it’s some herbs on your balcony — is a life skill you need in your repertoire. Why? Because gardening is about more than just growing food. It’s actively participating in a practice that’s building a greener future.

No more moanin’ about your hormones

No more moanin’ about your hormones

It’s normal for hormones to rise and fall throughout your menstrual cycle. If this delicate dance is hindered in any way, you might experience anxiety, irregular periods, weight gain, fatigue and more.