Why teaching consent matters

We have moved beyond the over-simplistic “no means no” mantra of consent towards a more inclusive approach. The conversation around sexual assault is louder than ever, but how can we ensure every child grows up knowing their boundaries and respecting others’?

Falling in Limerence

Falling in Limerence

Have you ever felt lovesick? A desire so strong for someone that thoughts of them take up every waking moment of your day? Welcome to the world of limerence. We explore the complexities of love and limerence, life as a “limerent” and how to form healthy relationships.


Meet Brookfarm, the farm leading Australia in regenerative agriculture

When husband-and-wife duo Martin and Pam Brook bought a run-down dairy farm in the Byron hinterland, a passion for giving back to the land and creating quality, healthy food was born. Today Brookfarm is a working macadamia farm and the once-barren land is teaming with wildlife again. Here, we chat with Brookfarm’s CEO Will Brook about regenerative agriculture, world-first recycling initiatives and what makes the perfect breakfast.

Gabrielle Penfold

Meet artist Gabrielle Penfold

For artist Gabrielle Penfold, food isn’t just sustenance, it’s ritual, connection, ancient history and an endless source of inspiration. Taking cues from the frescoes of Herculaneum and Pompeii, Gabrielle began her career by painting the meals she ate in restaurants around Sydney. Her subject matter has expanded, but Gabrielle’s fascination with the classical world remains. Her works are a celebration of life’s pleasures — a platter of oysters, a familiar beach scene, bathers dipping their toes in a pool. “The fascinating thing is, nothing much has changed,” she says, “Oysters are still luxurious.”

Are you experiencing dating fatigue

Are you experiencing dating fatigue?

The pandemic put the brakes on singles looking for love, but after months of navigating apps and Zoom drinks, are singles ready to date in-person again? One writer describes his anxiety-provoking return to the dating scene.

postnatal depression

Let’s talk about postnatal depression

When Jessica Elise Bull confronted her postnatal depression, she realised she had been struggling in the dark. Eighteen months on, she asks what it will take for new mums to feel supported during the momentous transition into motherhood.