Get to know the founder and CEO of Modibodi, Kristy Chong, and discover how her sustainable period and incontinence products are normalising conversations around leak and bodies, as well as helping to end plastic waste.

What are some of the ways you live a wild and meaningful life?

I have to say that starting Modibodi was a pretty wild journey — and continues to be as we grow the business. Every day we’re building a more sustainable and meaningful world. Modibodi was an idea that was born when I was a full-time mum of a two year- old and five-month-old and living in Seattle, USA, surrounded by tech start-ups. I was out jogging, in fact I was training for a marathon, and had been experiencing occasional light bladder leaks and my period had also not long returned. The available solutions were ugly, inconvenient, uncomfortable and a hazard to our environment — disposable hygiene. I just felt we deserved something better. Once I realised how problematic the issue was, I also couldn’t understand why, with all the advancements in technology, underwear and disposable hygiene had not evolved. I knew instantly that I was going to have to create a whole new product category for women. I’m really proud that I took that idea and turned it into something that can conveniently, comfortably and reliably manage menstrual flow, incontinence, sweat and even breastmilk leaks, and helps reduce the amount of single-use products ending up in landfill and damaging our environment.

What are the values behind the Modibodi brand?

Modibodi’s purpose is to create limitless positive impact for people and our beautiful planet. Our products are designed with the customer’s needs in mind. We offer reusable, comfortable support that feels good on your skin and allows you to feel confident, regardless of size, background, age, gender, or the leaks that you’re experiencing.

Beyond selling leak-proof apparel that empowers people’s lives, we are committed to being sustainable in all we do. Not only is our product a reusable replacement for single-use pads and tampons, but we are also committed to using recyclable or compostable packaging. A cause that’s close to my heart and that of my team is helping to end period poverty and supporting health-education programmes that normalise or open conversations around our bodies and leaks. To date, we have already donated 25,000 pairs of underwear to people in times of crisis and women in need and we’ll continue to ensure that every sale has a positive impact on these communities as the business grows.

Tell us more about Modibodi.

Modibodi products are protective, hi-tech, scientifically proven underwear and apparel that offer all bodies convenient, comfortable and sustainable solutions for their moisture concerns, and a complete replacement to disposable hygiene. We have many different period- and leak-friendly linings across our Modibodi range. All our undies are super-slim, only three-to-six millimetres thick and can hold between 20-50 millilitres or up to eight tampons’ worth of liquid per wear. Our apparel spans beyond underwear to include activewear, maternity wear and swimwear. We also have a range specifically designed for younger bodies, Modibodi RED, to help tweens and teens navigate the new world of periods and puberty. Plus, a range for men to help manage light incontinence, sweat and chafing.

How does Modibodi care for our beautiful planet?

Reusable Modibodi underwear is a better choice for the planet than disposable single-use pads, tampons and liners. On average, people use 11,000 single-use items in their lifetime to manage their period. That’s a lot of waste and landfill when you think of the world’s population. The plastic used in your average disposable pad takes around 500 years to break down. On top of all of this, the energy and water of the raw materials, plus production and carbon emissions used in shipping these products, is astronomical and, quite frankly, unacceptable.

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