Eye of Horus: Ethical beauty for a better world
Holly Schliech is the co-founder and director of Eye of Horus Cosmetics, a Byron Bay-based makeup brand dedicated to empowering all women to feel confident and beautiful. When applying makeup that’s made with this much love and care, it’s very easy to love the skin you’re in.

How do you live a wild and meaningful life?

By being authentic, living my true purpose and having a positive impact on people’s lives. Also, by sharing life with family and friends, living by the beach and creating a business that empowers people by adding value to their lives. My life has meaning if I can live each day with a positive outlook, have a feeling of contentment with my circumstances, have balance in all the important areas of my life, and take the time to pursue what I am passionate about.

What are the values behind your ethical cosmetics brand, Eye of Horus?

The ultimate goal of our brand is to provide high-performance makeup that is kind to your body and the planet. All of us at Eye of Horus wholeheartedly believe in positive change. So much so, we aim to be an industry leader in ethical beauty. Being from Byron Bay, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by the natural wonders of the world, which inspire us daily. Working towards preserving nature as Mother Earth intended seems the only way forward. We are proudly cruelty-free, with products made locally using natural and organic ingredients used by the Ancient Egyptians. Our brand message is to empower all women to be and feel confident and beautiful. This appreciation of beauty extends to our commitment to ensure ethical manufacturing processes, from sourcing sustainable ingredients to consideration of packaging and animal welfare.

What are you influenced by when creating colour palettes and products?

As a business owner and time-poor mumma, I am inspired to create a product that I know I would personally use and that would benefit me. The product development process generally begins with an idea or concept that fills a gap or solves a problem, yet encapsulates our ethics and the essence of who we are as a brand. Our product development philosophy is to deliver quality products that are easy to use, that are effective and that contain healthy ingredients. When creating the new colour palettes, I had the everyday woman in mind. The Glow colour palette collection is extremely versatile and multi-purpose. It can be used on cheeks, face and eyes to give you a fresh no-makeup look while enhancing and illuminating your skin.

You weave the beauty and mystique of the Ancient Egyptians into your branding and products. What draws you to their symbolism and rituals?

In my early 20s I was looking for a natural yet effective makeup alternative that actually worked for my sensitive eyes and allergies. I always made my own skincare and products with my mum and we knew the basics of cosmetic formulations and the power of plant-based ingredients. I became fascinated with pure active ingredients and their healing and regenerating benefits. I developed an Australian organic skincare brand and began studying naturopathy to further my knowledge and interest.

Through research into plant-based ingredients, I discovered the Ancient Egyptians were the originators of makeup and beauty. They used natural waxes and oils and key ingredients and lined their eyes with black eyeliner, creating the Eye of Horus outline for the purpose of beauty and spiritual protection. Inspired by this knowledge and their principles and philosophies, we developed a range of makeup products which embraced these concepts and ideals.

Our brand name and iconic range takes its inspiration from the Eye of Horus symbol represented by the kohl-rimmed eyes of the Ancient Egyptians who wore eye makeup, as they believed it offered magical power and protection as well as a statement of beauty.

The history, mythology and spirituality of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation has always amazed me. Their symbolism, rituals and values are still relevant to us today. My aim is to unlock their ancient beauty secrets, bring them to life and adapt them to suit our modern-day lifestyles.

What are the benefits of Moringa oil, which is used in many of your products?

We use Moringa oil across our entire range. Moringa oil was one of the seven sacred oils of Egypt as described in the Ebers papyrus, an Egyptian compilation of medical texts dated about 1550 BC, one of the oldest-known medical works. It had many uses throughout Ancient Egypt, including the extensive use in pharaonic medicine and was even filled in vases and placed inside their tombs.

The Egyptians recognised its natural protective properties and used it on their skin to protect themselves from the harsh desert conditions. Moringa, also known as the Tree of Life, is rich in minerals and vitamins and contains all the requirements for skin vitality and health.

What are some of your non-negotiables when it comes to ingredients?

It is our duty to ethically source only the finest, naturally derived, organic ingredients wherever possible while ensuring we deliver high-performing products that last. All of what we offer is paraben-free, gluten-free and harsh chemical-free. Our product formulations and naturally derived ingredients use ancient oils and waxes to create modern, cruelty-free, luxury cosmetics.

We pledge to always and forever be cruelty-free and campaign for kindness to all creatures both great and small. We aim to be 100-per-cent vegan and the only reason this is not the case is due to our ethically sourced beeswax used in our Goddess Mascara and Goddess Pencils. Other than these products, the entire range is 100-per-cent vegan.

What’s next for Eye of Horus?

In 2021 we hope to expand our range into the face and skin category with a collection of foundations, skin-protective creams and precious healing oils. Our philosophy underpins our actions and approach to be sustainable and ethical in everything we do. It is our commitment to be at the forefront in ethical eco-friendly and high-performance organic cosmetics known for their integrity worldwide, giving us the means to really make change and support charities that work at making this world a better place for all.

For more, visit eyeofhoruscosmetics.com or @eyeofhoruscosmetics on Instagram.