Feminine oasis: Get to know Costanza Goeppinger
Chilean-born illustrator Constanza Goeppinger creates works that are as vibrant as they are stylish, in a tropical colour palette that is influenced by vintage fashion photography and the great outdoors.

There is something playful yet elegant about the characters Constanza Goeppinger depicts: stylish women donning enviable floral patterns and often oversized hats next to ocean views or in chic bathrooms. They exude a feminine confidence, existing in their own fashionable oasis. We get to know the Gold Coast-based illustrator.

What makes you feel the most wild and alive?

I think travelling makes me feel the most alive; just going to new places and experiencing new cultures is the most exciting feeling for me.

When did your love for art first begin?

I’ve always loved art and looking at beautiful things but I really started appreciating it more only a few years ago when I began studying graphic design. That’s when I discovered all the amazing artists and illustrators, and ended up falling in love with illustration.

You illustrate the female form so beautifully, and draw all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Please tell us why this is important to you.

I love drawing women and I think it is important to acknowledge and appreciate all the different types of women. I love when women see themselves represented in my art. We are all equal yet different in a beautiful way.

What prints and colours are you currently obsessed with?

I recently made a couple of new illustrations in bright yellow and peachy colours called Summer Vibes and Spring. I am trying to change up my usual colour palettes and experiment more with colour.

Please share with us your creative practice

My creative practice starts by looking at beautiful pictures, usually vintage fashion photos on Pinterest where I spend several hours sometimes. It really depends on what I feel I want to draw and if I find a photo that I connect with, which I would use as my base for inspiration. Then I just play with colours that I have planned in my head and try some patterns, but that’s all a process of trial and error for me — it’s definitely my favourite part!

What would be your dream collaboration?

I would love to collaborate with Urban Outfitters on a pattern collection or anything for that matter!

What are you …

Listening to: Always love to listen to Amy Winehouse
Reading: Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
Watching: The Queen’s Gambit
Learning: Surface pattern design

If you were to reimagine the world, how would it look?

There would be more time for relaxing and less work hours, more art spaces, less plastic and no guns.

What’s next for you?

I really want to get into the world of surface pattern design and collaborate more with fashion brands in the future.

For more, visit constanzag.com.au and @constanza.illustrates on Instagram.