October 2020 to Janurary 2021 | Find out your Sun (creative, vital, identity self), Moon (emotional, reflective and feeling self) and Rising signs (how you meet the world with your Sun energy) for the juiciest read. Remember, I am just guiding you towards what the stars are encouraging; at the end of the day it’s up to you to make the empowered choice on what the energies at play mean for you.

October 2020 to January 2021

Do you stare up at the cosmos each night, wide-eyed in awe at the mystery and magic it holds? Evolutionary astrologist Jessi Simpson reveals what your stars are saying.




March 21–April 19

Aries, you are a fireball of passion trailblazing and starting things with your magic, energising touch. This season for you is all about slowing down to become more deliberate and clear. Mars, your ruler, has been retrograde since the 9th of September and goes direct on the 13th of November, activating its post-shadow period where the lessons of the retrograde start to integrate and take you through to the rest of the year. You have been asked to slow down, engage in less impulsivity through being more deliberate about the leaps you take. This is like the Savasana at the end of a fiery, yang yoga practice: the deep integration of what’s just been. Don’t get me wrong though, Aries, your drive is essential — it’s just about becoming more constructive with this active part of you.


April 20–May 20

Taurus, this season for you has you re-acquainting yourself with change, which I know isn’t something you like. Familiarity feels sweet to you and you like to stick with what you know. On November 17, Mercury in Scorpio squares Uranus in Taurus for the third time this year. You are taken to the depths when Venus — your ruler — squares the Pluto/Saturn conjunction for five days in November. This energy brings in themes around integrity in relationships and love. Here, you are taken to the depths of what is working and what is not. Pluto is the challenge of using power appropriately through deep sharing in communication. Allow yourself to be supported as you normally support and provide unwavering stability to others.


May 21–June 20

This season brings you the lessons of Saturn. Where are you quick to compromise or lose your autonomy in a process of collaboration? It’s easy for you to see everyone’s point of view as valuable, as your mind is as open as the ocean is deep. But what you have to say is important, too. Mercury — your ruler — squares Saturn (during Mercury retrograde) in Capricorn, challenging you to speak up, to put words to what you have been feeling, to write that thing you have been wanting to write, to complete a big dream project. The cosmic energy through late November initiates you to let go of what is not flowing and to then place your attention on your highest path in this world with unapologetic abandon.


June 21–July 22

For you, this season is all about re-sensitisation and honouring your truest, most deep-feeling self. As Mercury, the planet of communication, retrogrades in November, you will be deeply encouraged to speak directly to your sensitivity with those around you who you care about. I know it can be hard for you to communicate the depths of your feelings; those around you see your crab shell surface and may tend to underestimate your big caring heart. On the 30th of December, you are called home with the full moon in Cancer. During the months leading up to this, you will be pushed to expand out of your comfort zone to sit with intense emotions and call in your own emotional support team.


July 23–August 22

Your ruler — the bright-shining Sun — takes a karmic journey through the archetypes this season, ultimately creating the fertile grounds to lay a stable foundation for your deepest dreams. In November, you are taken through the shadowy depths of Scorpio. Here, you are called to work through any shadows to reprogram beliefs that hold you back from truly shining. In December, you will be encouraged to embrace your natural fire for life through an exploration of new skills, ideas, hobbies, and to open your mind to feed your creativity. You reach the end of the year with a drive to put everything you have learnt through these new experiences into another journey. It’s time to gather your ideas and creative offerings into something meaningful and to shine.


August 23–September 22

Mercury, your ruler, propels you into a very focused season, Virgo. First, with Mercury Retrograde, and second, with a square to Saturn, setting the tone for the rest of your year. You may explore deep lessons on integrity in order to propel you further onto your own authentic path. But a tendency to be overly serious, perfectionist and self-sacrificing is a risk here as you are already “all over it”. You are shown where in your life an expectation is present for you to be another’s healer, helper or saviour. You are asked here to evaluate how this sort of dynamic truly doesn’t serve you on a deep soul level. Taking responsibility for what only you can will free you up, so that when you do help others, it’s in a constructive way.


September 23–October 22

This season begins for you with a deep catapult into the lessons of Mercury as it takes its pause (retrograde) in Libra before transitioning into the shadowy depths of Scorpio. You are called to be truly honest with yourself in this time, Libra. Do you say no when you mean no? Do you say yes when you mean yes? Do you give yourself the space to come to how you truly feel? Shadow work may resurface for you in this time, highlighting instances where you choose others over yourself. Pay attention to your communication, especially when it comes to love and close-knit relationships. As Venus (the planet of love and value) squares the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in November, you will have the opportunity to get truly real with how you value yourself in relationships.



October 23–November 21

This season for you offers an empowering time to truly accept your depths, Scorpio. As Uranus in Taurus opposes the Sun in Scorpio at the start of November, you are called to expand your horizons regarding money and resources. With Mercury retrograde transitioning into Scorpio through November, you are not only called to re-evaluate your sense of self-worth and power, you are also called to communicate this worth out to the world again and again. Say hello to old feelings, exes and miscommunications! Slow it all down, Scorpio. Remember your edges and sink deep into your natural power. Throughout the rest of the year, work regrading who you are on a soul level continues with Pluto — your ruler — in Capricorn.


November 22–December 21

This season you are called to tear it all down, get deep into the shadows and build it all back up again, Sagittarius. Jupiter — your ruler — meets Pluto for 13 days in November, presenting a time of deep reflection for you to assess what is holding you back from expanding out into your highest potential. When Pluto is involved, it’s bound to be about shadow work and re-assessing areas of your life that feel destructive. This is the season for you to gain the momentum needed to propel you into a completely new, more enriching way of viewing yourself, warts and all! A deep creative and spiritual practice of your own that is process, rather than outcome, focussed will be deeply healing for you, as the Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in December and moves you into your new season.


December 22–January 19

This season, themes surface that look at everything you are building through a new lens, Capricorn. This intensifies in your Sun season in December through January as your drive for work activates while the Sun comes into conjunction with Pluto mid-January. Pay attention to blocks around your career projects. How do you keep striving in times where perhaps red flags have presented themselves very clearly to you? Where have you seen these flags, yet walked into the fire of destruction anyway? Where are you ready to actually let go, where you continue to force and strive forward? Pluto shows you that things can be short-lived and still mean something very deeply. Not all things are meant for the long-term and that is something good.


January 20–February 18

In order to revolutionise, we must first fully resource ourselves. This season has you becoming aware of where it’s possible to up-level your own spiritual practices so that you may continue to function with the collective. With Uranus — your ruler — in Taurus squaring the Sun in January, there are lessons on deep embodiment, enjoyment, slowing down to be present and resources. Your deepest intention as an Aquarius is always to be free. How do you hold yourself back from knowing that you are free, right now in this moment? With this transit, there is the potential to revolutionise and up-level when it comes to the way you make money.


February 19–March 20

This season offers you an opportunity to re-find your physical edges and boundaries within your everyday life as Neptune — your ruler — goes direct after retrograding since June. It is here an integration period begins, where you will have the opportunity to put into practice what came up for you in this time. During Neptune retrograde, a fog is lifted so that you are able to see the illusions and dream-like lies you recite that are holding you back. False realities that have clouded your vision will be shuffled up and made obvious to you wherever you have tricked yourself about true love, your finances or career prospects. December presents a time for manifesting your hopes and dreams to align with your new reality for the new year.


Jessi Simpson is a multidisciplinary creative, writer and evolutionary astrologer whose work is directed at co-creating an experience of soul and authentic evolution. Jessi currently resides on the mid-north coast of NSW with her lover and her dogs. Her days are spent slowly, with yoga and coffee in the mornings, followed by simple days full of work that sets her alight (and catching a verse of prose here and there on the wind). Her brand, Bloompress, is a creative destination for soulful humans and companies who worship the slow and the soulful. For more, visit @bloompress and use the code WILD15 for purchases.