DIY beauty: Healthy hair, naturally

Healthy hair, naturally

How do some people achieve salon-fresh locks daily while others spend hours taming their tresses, only to get that just-out-of-bed look? It’s all in the care.

Glow like a yogi: nourish yourself from the inside out

Glow like a yogi

Shine bright like a yogi. Want glowing skin that radiates good health? It’s time to nourish and nurture yourself on the inside with nutritious food and time-honoured self-care practices.

That's the tea: how to use different teas for natural beauty

That’s the tea

From green to ginger, mint to matcha, black to blueberry, there’s an abundance of teas to tempt anyone’s taste buds. What’s even better is that this delightful drink is also a super-effective beauty product.

In a nutshell: WILD's guide to using nut oils in your beauty routine

In a nutshell

We are nuts for nuts! As well as gracing our palates as a nutrient-rich snack, these power-packed little guys have a bounty of beauty benefits for your skin, body and hair.