WILD LOVES - discover the magical jewellery of Tesoro D'oro
We put some of our favourite brands and products to the test to see how they stack up when it comes to sustainability and quality.

When it comes to sustainability and practicality, finding unique gifts for the kids can be challenging. Out goes wasteful plastic toys and itchy cheap wraps made from non-biodegradable material. So, what are you left with? Two words: Tesoro D’oro.

Italian for golden treasure, Tesoro D’oro is a stunning children’s jewellery line made by designer Esther Lowe. Esther dreamt these designs up over a few months and was inspired by the ocean and adventure. Naturally, she wove these two elements into her first collection. With a delicate gold pipi, pearl, scallop and anchor, the sea has never looked so magical. As for adventure, Esther has carefully crafted a camel, moon and sun from an 18k-gold coating.

Each Tesoro D’oro necklace is sent in a pipi shell purse or gift box, which, for the little one, is almost more popular than the jewellery itself. A little golden charm hidden among the folds of fresh baby skin is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. I love giving this gift to all the new babies entering my life. It’s sustainable, sentimental, made with so much love and care and is a gift that will last forever.