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When you’re feeling stressed, how do you hit release on the pressure valve? What’s in your SOS first-aid kit? Along with three deep belly breaths, I put a few drops of Holy Mountain’s Calm tincture in my water and take a sip. With herbs like tulsi and ashwagandha, the blend is a beautiful remedy for feelings of anxiety and stress.

Building on its range of powdered blends, Holy Mountain’s new tincture collection offers the support you need to live a balanced and vibrant modern life. Created by channelling one of herbalism’s most ancient practices, the tinctures are brewed the slow way, steeping transformative nervine herbs and adaptogens for six weeks before being tinctured into individual glass bottles. These gentle yet potent tonics are intended for daily use and include seven plant-powered remedies: Sleep, Clarity, Love, Digest, Detox, Immunity and Calm.