About Us

Welcome to Being magazine.

Brought to you by the same publisher as Australia’s leading natural health and living magazine, WellBeingBeing magazine is your companion for starting up, stepping out, finding your feet, falling over and doing it all again with the confidence, joy and compassion that comes from knowing that just “being” is enough. 

Beautifully packaged in a format that delivers intentional reading and mindful pauses in equal doses, Being is a magazine that invites you to cultivate balance, ease and calm in life.  

  • We appreciate mindfulness, spirituality + self-development
  • We respect mental, physical + emotional wellbeing
  • We believe in nourishment of the body + mind  
  • We understand the power of human connection (with self + others)
  • We care for the environment, nature + sustainability
  • We are passionate about travel, adventure + exploring

Being speaks to its reader like a caring friend. The writing is direct, kind, nurturing, down-to-earth and practical. Each story is just as inspiring as it is informative to allow the reader to reconnect with his/her natural state of being.

Being is a bimonthly mindfulness magazine published by the WellBeing Media Group at Universal Media Co.