Verina Gading


Setting boundaries to avoid compassion fatigue

As a compassionate person, you’re likely called in when someone is in need or you’re there immediately offering your help before anyone can ask. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on or practical help, you’re used to making yourself available to others.


Healthy expectation: The perfect balance of motivation and love

Many of us have expectations around what our life should look like and what we want to achieve. Have you ever stopped to consider where your expectations originate from and whether they are actually serving you? Are they a healthy motivator for achieving your goals or are they causing you endless stress and anxiety?


Finding how you play

We each have our own “play personality”, as discovered in research by Dr Stuart Brown of The National Institute for Play and explored on page 36. According to Stuart’s theory, these personalities are split into different archetypes and it is here that we can discover the sort of playful activities that would best suit our personality.


Mindful lessons from your furry friend

ets play a fundamental role in contributing to the health and happiness of humans. Making eye contact with your dog can trigger the release of oxytocin while cuddling your furry friend can increase the production of serotonin. Not only are they a loyal companion who offers unconditional love, they’re also a great teacher of mindfulness, given their ability to naturally live in the present moment.


Mindful skincare with Australian botanical ingredients

Feeling connected to nature, her mind, and body, Lav Mav founder, Dr Tarj Mavi incorporates bioactive to her skincare range Q: What makes you feel most present and mindful? A: For me, I feel most present and mindful when I’m […]

raw cacao receipe

Sweet indulgence: Raw cacao pie recipe

Cacao has a lot of benefits and it is a great superfood to have when you want that chocolate taste without the guilt. Similar to processed chocolates, you can enjoy raw cocoa in many ways, including in your pie!