Being magazine chats with Chalimah Jeanne, the founder of Organic Merchant, about the future of wellness through natural treatments

Q: Where do you see the future of wellness heading? 

A: There is a growing movement towards integrative health that puts the whole person first, utilising conventional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine to create optimal health and wellbeing. This really resonates with me as I’ve always been interested in this and I’ve always worked in this way. 

This means that the global acceptance and interest in ancient modalities of healing is increasing with exploration into how these can be introduced into modern practice. 

I see a shift towards nature, energy medicine and natural rhythms and I’m excited about seeing how these manifest and what new practices start to appear.

Q: Which product in the Organic Merchant range do you recommend most for maintaining good health and wellbeing?    

A: If I had to choose one for what is happening in the world right now and going into winter, I would say our Immune Tea from our herbal tea range as it is a beautifully light, floral and slightly minty blend using all the top immune boosting and vitamin C-rich ingredients such as echinacea, ginger, elderberry, rosehip, peppermint, yarrow and elderflower. 

I’d also recommend our Spirit Dust, which is a cacao powder mixed with ashwagandha, Siberian ginseng, cinnamon and ginger to support the symptoms of stress, anxiety and adrenal fatigue.

Q: Please explain the role of naturopathy in Organic Merchant’s product range. 

A: I have been a naturopath for almost 20 years and every product that I have created for Organic Merchant has been strategically formulated to have a specific health benefit as well as a delicious taste profile. 

Naturopathy is based on treating the cause and not just the condition, meaning that I will consider the whole system when developing blends. Each blend begins with identifying the organ I want to target, the system that supports that organ and the pathways to either stimulate or balance that system. 

I also incorporate energetic practices in my formulations that are similar to Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Q: You have recently launched a rebrand and new website. Please share a bit of information about this.  

A: Our rebrand has been several years in the making and takes us from being a tea brand to becoming a wellness brand. I’m passionate about creating an experience for customers where Organic Merchant can facilitate their journey of wellbeing from the inside out. 

Q: What’s next for Organic Merchant? 

A: Organic Merchant is launching new product ranges to complement and extend our tea range. We’ll also be introducing further innovation in our packaging, people, processes, culture and energy responsibilities in order to move us closer to our goal of being a B Certified business.

I’m also looking to get back into practice and offering naturopathic consultations to customers so they can take charge and feel empowered in their health journey. 

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