Luxeluna Skincare
We learn about the conscious and caring story behind Luxeluna Face and Body skincare with founder and qualified cosmetic chemist, Christine Koffi.

Why did you decide to create Luxeluna Face and Body skincare?

In January 2018, my older son Cooper tragically passed away to a rare cancer-like blood disorder called HLH. This is where the journey of Luxeluna started. When Cooper was going through chemo treatments and preparation for his bone marrow transplant, his skin became very itchy and sensitive. That is when I discovered oatmeal creams. They worked okay but I couldn’t find one that I absolutely loved. My own skin is also naturally very dry and sensitive and I could never find an all-natural product that would keep it moisturised all day. My skin also reacts badly to products with certain harsh ingredients. I found that by the afternoon, all products I used for very dry skin were still not enough. This always frustrated me. So I became a qualified cosmetic chemist and started Luxeluna Face and Body.

After Cooper passed, I vowed to find a way to share my formulations with other people who’ve struggled with dry sensitive skin who also have an environmental conscience. I also wanted to find a way to raise money for HLH research — the disease that took him from us. I absolutely love formulating and creating beautiful natural products. I am so intrigued with product composition, the chemistry behind it and the amazing benefits of ingredients sourced directly from nature.

Luxeluna donates 10 per cent of its proceeds to the Kids’ Cancer Project. Why did you choose to collaborate with this charity?

In loving memory of our son Cooper, who tragically passed away from cancer as a child. We decided to make it our mission to support children’s cancer charities wherever possible.

What are Luxeluna’s environmentally friendly and sustainable practices?

Our environmental footprint is important to us and all of our products are packaged in eco-friendly recyclable glass or recycled PET for two of our products (made from recycled plastic). We also have aluminium lids for most of our products. We use biodegradable bags and packing tape for all our shipping requirements, providing a sustainable packaging option. You can return your jars to us for recycling and we will ensure they are washed, sanitised, sterilised and reused. Any lids, pumps and/or droppers that can’t be used will be recycled through TerraCycle.

Your award-winning range is lovingly Australian made and owned, as well as free of toxins and palm oil. Why were these qualities important to you?

I believe that because we take care of ourselves and loved ones, this also means taking care of our planet. I am committed to minimising our environmental impact. That is why our skincare is certified palm oil-free. Our products only use the most gentle ingredients sourced from nature that actually work and keep skin hydrated, soft and supple. Luxeluna is clean, simple and effective.

Which product from your range would you most recommend to readers of Being magazine?

Our bestseller is the Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide Serum. It is a luxurious blend of vitamin C, vitamin B3 niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and pure hydrosols of rose and chamomile. We’ve combined these amazing natural brightening ingredients into one easy to use a bottle, giving your skin a healthy and nourished glow.

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