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Toxic Food Will Make You Ill

Toxic eating and your cravings – the fast food drug

Toxic food such as fast foods which include fatty foods, burgers, hot chips, pizza, pasta etc. not only pollute your body but can affect your mood making you feel sad and also cause you to crave them in the future. This is called emotional eating and can lead to weight gain. Eating toxic fast foods is like taking a drug in some ways as the cravings for them become addictive.


Make fast food the healthy way

However well we want to eat, sometimes we have to just grab anything we can on the run or on the road, or whip up something quick and easy.


Sneak peek inside “The Food Saver’s A–Z”

You know those old, soft and slightly bruised fruit and veggies at the back of your fridge? Don’t throw them out! Instead, devour Alex Elliott-Howery and Jaimee Edwards’ latest cookbook, The Food Saver’s A–Z.

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How to choose the best seafood

Inspired by regions on the coast, the Mediterranean diet is loaded with seafood options. Here’s how you can make healthy, affordable and sustainable choices.

eye health

Five superfoods to help support your eye health

Good nutrition is important for eye health. Eating a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs and fish provides essential nutrients that support good eye function. Discover the foods you should be eating regularly to enhance your eye health.


6 superfoods your gut will love

Maintaining a healthy gut & balanced gut microbiota is vital for good health; here are 6 of our favourite foods to help keep your gut happy.

5 Metabolism Boosting Foods

5 Metabolism-Boosting Foods

A strong metabolism helps keep weight off, but it also maintains health, supports immunity and prevents premature ageing. Here are five foods to include in your diet to give you a metabolism boost. Metabolism is the process of turning calories from the foods you eat into useable energy for all the chemical reactions that take […]