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Nifty Noodle

Perhaps the world’s favourite food, the humble noodle is rarely the star of the dish, but its universal appeal is worth celebrating. From perfect ramen to crowd-pleasing spaghetti bolognese, there is a lot you can do with these versatile strands.


Opening The Chest And Shoulders

In a screen-focused world, hunched shoulders are causing physical ailments and limiting mental capacity. This yoga sequence recalibrates the chest and shoulders for better physical posture and clear pathways for energy to flow freely.

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The Path to Body Neutrality

In a world of unrelenting beauty standards, is it possible to love your body? Emma Nuttall reflects on an alternativ route to self-acceptance — body neutrality.

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Illuminate inner beauty

What does your night-time routine look like? Do you have a 10-step beauty regime or just splash water onto your face and tumble into bed? Depending on the day, WellBeing’s editor Kate often falls into the later, but she has recently stepped up her beauty game with Bon Charge’s Red Light Face Mask, the Classic Blackout Sleep Mask and the Full Spectrum Lamp.

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Glucose and the glow

The secret to great skin, we’re told, lies at the bottom of the latest skincare bottle, but the research tells us we should look to internal factors, not external treatment.

low-intensity exercise

Get your bounce back

Slower, low-intensity exercise is very much in vogue, but for feelgood endorphins and cardiovascular fitness, nothing beats exercise that involves jumping up and down.

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Danshen (Chinese — Qingyi) is an ancient Chinese herb with its major traditional use being to promote blood circulation.