The rise of temperature therapy

From saunas to ice baths, temperature therapy has proven to be a rising and science-backed wellness ritual for the modern world, birthed from ancient traditions. It’s time to discover the hot and cold of it — and how to get it just right for your own self-care routine.

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How your diet can improve your sexual wellbeing

Are you ready to nourish your hormones and spice up your love life? It’s time to turn it up a notch in the kitchen and the bedroom by harnessing the power of “sexy” nutrition. From aphrodisiac foods to natural circulation enhancers, here’s how to really use food as foreplay — plus, what to do beyond what you put on your plate for sexual wellbeing.

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What is “inflammageing” doing to your skin?

The beauty buzzword “inflammageing” refers to how excess inflammation accelerates the skin’s natural
ageing process. Based on the nature of contemporary lifestyles, “inflammageing” is probably happening to you right now. Discovering what chronic low-grade inflammation is doing to your skin and how to combat it is your most valuable ticket to maintaining a healthy, resilient and youthful complexion.

Nature’s nootropics

Enter the world of natural nootropics

Would you like to enhance your brain’s performance output and have the potential to improve memory, focus, energy and productivity while mitigating stress? It sounds like an ideal proposition in the contemporary work-focused world, where time is money and maintaining a healthy life balance could use a helping hand. Enter the world of natural nootropics, inviting you to supplement your way to a sharper mind.