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Ancient wayfinders

Amid modern challenges, indigenous wisdom may offer a path to healing. From fostering community bonds to embracing spiritual connections with nature, we explore the enduring relevance of ancient wisdom in today’s world.

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Soothing Inflamed Brains

If you’re experiencing forgetfulness, irritability, clumsiness or trouble focusing, it’s possible that brain inflammation could be playing a role. In this special report, we look at some natural ways to reduce inflammation in your brain and get your brain functioning at its best.

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Gifts of Love

It is an awkward moment when you first tell someone that you love them. To make the process easier, humans have developed a wide array of tokens, which, when given as gifts, symbolise loving feelings. These love tokens have changed and evolved over centuries, and they continue to evolve today.

Exhaustion and how to get rid of it

Exhaustion and how to get rid of it

Do you feel like you are completely exhausted and burned out from too much work? It could be office work, house work or simply doing to much as mum’s taxi amidst your ‘to do’ list. You’re not alone. Here are some ways to help you get through those overwhelming feelings.

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The leader within

Do you want to develop your leadership skills in the workplace, in your community or at home? These eight steps will help you to develop the leader within.