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Root Vegetables

5 root vegetables that are sure favourites

Find out how best to prepare, cook, serve and enjoy root vegetables: sweet potato, beetroot, carrot, garlic and Jerusalem artichokes.

Pana Organic Seventy� Chocolate Bar 80g.jpg

Seventy % Dark Chocolate Bar — Pana Organic

It’s a rich, decadent and velvety smooth dark chocolate created with extra snap. Seventy % is a little different from our regular, more fudgy darks, but trust us, it’s 80g of mind-blowingly good.

Pana Organic Hot Chocolate Drink Blend

Hot Chocolate Drink Blend — Pana Organic

Ever thought Pana Organic is good enough to drink? We agree. Our Hot Chocolate is organic, plant-based, gluten free and deliciously drinkable. Add a few teaspoons to your preferred plant-based milk and treat yourself to a steaming mug of dark and decadent chocolate.

Pana Organic Golden Comb Mylk Chocolate Bar 45g.jpg

Golden Comb Mylk — Pana Organic

Everything you love about our smooth mylk chocolate now dotted with chunky pieces of golden comb, for a delightfully sweet crunch.

Pana Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Ripple Frozen Dessert 475ml

Hazelnut Chocolate Ripple Frozen Dessert — Pana Organic

Hazelnut Chocolate Spread rippling in fudgy waves of goodness through a smooth coconut base.

Salt Flakes

Salt Flakes — Murray River Salt

Award winning Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’ available in a convenient 200g canister. The 200g canister is an ideal food lovers’ gift, perfect for inclusion in gourmet hampers or for home use. These delicate salt flakes are an ideal garnish and finishing salt to compliment any dish.

Salted Chocolate

Salted Chocolate Bar — Murray River Salt

Murray River Salt ‘Salted Chocolate Bar’ is made with 70% premium dark chocolate and just the right amount of Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’. It is the perfect snack-sized bar with just the right balance of chocolate and salt.

Truffle Salt

Truffle Salt — Murray River Salt

Award winning Pink Salt Flakes, infused with West Australia’s best quality truffles, to bring you Murray River Salt ® Premium Truffle Salt.


Gourmet Macadamia Hamper — Brookfarm

Brookfarm’s award-winning premium oven roasted macadamias are tossed with pink lake salt, sustainably harvested by Mt Zero in western Victoria, and blended with Meru Miso’s Sweet White (Shiro) Miso to bring you this limited-edition Macadamia Miso. Sweet, salty, earthy and full of umami, use this miso just as you would for any recipe calling for White Miso. An excellent addition with fish, chicken, vegetables or even sweet applications like brownies with macadamia miso. It is seriously tasty!

In their first collaboration with Meru Miso, Australia’s leading producer of Australian made Miso and Japanese ferments, seems a perfect match with Brookfarm, who are known as Australia’s leading producer of Australian made macadamia breakfasts and snacks.

Pure Pulp

Acai Pure Pulp — Amazon Power

Our pure frozen organic acai berry pulp is unsweetened and untouched. For acai fans who simply want pure taste of acai.

10 Kilo Bucket

Acai 10 Kilo Bucket — Amazon Power

Our Original Organic Frozen Acai 10kg Bucket is great for large families who simply love the great taste of acai.

1 Kilo Tub

Acai 1 kilo tub — Amazon Power

The small frozen Original Organic Açaí 1kg Tub is perfect for customers to take home and store in their freezers.