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why technology is good for the soul

8 reasons why technology is good for the soul

We hear lots about the downside of technology, but there’s a flipside, too: when used with a sense of social consciousness and bearing pitfalls in mind, high-tech can be super helpful.

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7 ways to bring hygge into your life to enhance your wellbeing

The Danish are renowned for being some of the happiest people in the world – yet every year they face long, cold and dark winters. Not only do they embrace the cooler weather, they use it to their advantage. How do they do it? This magical quality of contentment (despite the elements) is often attributed to their cultural mindset of hygge.

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How to spot breadcrumbing & how to avoid it

Breadcrumbing is on the rise in the domains of dating, friendship and careers. We speak to relationship coach Katie O’Donoghue on what it is, why it happens and how to stop following deceptive crumb trails.

Wellness bowl with Niulife extra thick coconut amino sauce

Niulife’s guide to self-empowered self-care

We speak to Danielle Koegelenberg, marketing manager at Kokonut Pacific, to find out more about the Niulife range of ethical and sustainable coconut-based products that benefit those in impoverished communities — and make you feel good too.

Ladies sitting at a table drinking Giesen 0% Wine

Going dry this July? Give Giesen 0% Wine a try

Taking a break from drinking alcohol during July? There isn’t a better time to commit to lowering your alcohol intake, particularly when Giesen has just launched a 0% wine range that is full of flavour and made from their finest New Zealand Wines. Its sell-out 0% Sauvignon Blanc also includes a Rosé, Pinot Gris and a Merlot – something for everyone’s tastes. 


Hydrogen’s role in a net-zero world

Depending on who you listen to, hydrogen is the answer to the question of a sustainable future. Yet, as is often the case with such major questions, the issues around hydrogen are not simple. Here we dig into the evidence to discover the role that hydrogen has to play in facing the greatest challenge of a generation.