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Eye health

6 tips to soothe tired eyes

Do your eyes need a little TLC? Here are some easy-to-follow tips to help you soothe and revitalise sore, tired eyes.


Tired of feeling tired?

We all feel run-down from time to time, but if your energy levels are frequently on the low side, it may pay to check the level of your cortisol and thyroid hormones. Get these sorted out and you’ll be feeling bouncy again.

Chocolate And Caffeine Cravings Or Addiction

Chocolate and caffeine – cravings or addiction?

Some people feel they have less and less control over the amounts of caffeine and chocolate they consume. Caffeine can temporarily increase metabolism by increasing fat utilization. People who suffer depression tend to eat more chocolate, so, if you have repeated chocolate cravings it may be a sign your mood is slipping.

The inner rebel: Rethinking Bad Behaviour

Rethinking bad behaviour

When used in the right context and manner, some behaviours deemed taboo can actually be good for you. Here’s why you should unleash your inner rebel more often.

Power Up To Activate & Energise

Power Up — Activated Nutrients

A plant-based energy drink powder packed with organic botanical ingredients which promote physical energy production and sustained energy release throughout the day, supporting physical and mental performance. Our premium ingredients are also rich in health-promoting antioxidants to help protect your cells from free radical damage.