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Beat the heat – tips to keep you and your home cool this summer

When Aussies aren’t spending their summer holidays by the beach with a cold drink in hand, they’re likely looking for ways to cool down within their own homes. Finding solutions to beat the heat this summer is easy thanks to Sussan’s range of Australian cotton clothing, coupled with some clever home hacks to keep that sweltering sun at bay.

The home cooling packs

Implementing small tweaks to your home routine during this season will go a long way in making your abode an enjoyable and comfortable environment for all who come to visit. We recommend adopting the following for a cooler and calmer home: 

  1. Window coverings are key:
    Closing blinds, curtains and shutters during the day, particularly within rooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight will help to maintain a cool temperature in your home. 
  2. Check your air flow:
    Whether an air conditioner or fan is your go-to for those really scorching days, either of these options will assist in maintaining your home’s air flow. For air cons, it is recommended to set the thermostat to between 24-27oC, or as high as you feel comfortable with. When it comes to ceiling fans, it is said that it’s best to set your fan to rotate counterclockwise in summer to push air straight down, helping to create a cooling effect. Another option is to open your windows and doors in the evenings when a breeze or cool change occurs to assist with crossflow ventilation. 
  3. Breathable linen:
    For those stuffy and warm nights, breathable bed linen and a moisture wicking mattress will work to provide you with a more comfortable night’s rest. 
  4. Switch off appliances:
    Instead of using your oven to cook dinner on a really hot day, a better option might be to cook on an outdoor BBQ (provided fire restrictions aren’t in place). This will mitigate the creation of unnecessary heat within the home. It is also advisable to switch off computers, dishwashers, dryers and washing machines. 
  5. Install LED lights:
    Avoid turning lights on as much as possible during the day, but if you require lighting at night, LED lights are best as they are more energy efficient and also generate less heat than incandescent lighting.
  6. Lovely landscaping:
    Did you know that your landscaping can help to keep your home cool? Planting trees and shrubs around your home will not only provide shade against the sun’s harsh rays, but they will also help to create a beautiful breeze. 


Keeping cool in summer with cotton

Now that your home is sorted, it’s time to focus on ways to keep yourself cool with the clothes that you wear. Australian cotton offers many incredible benefits during the summer season, including: 

  • Moisture-wicking: It is a highly absorbent fabric, with the ability to wick away sweat or water in a very quick and efficient manner.
  • Lightweight & breathable: Cotton clothing is made from very fine threads, allowing air to easily pass through. This assists the moisture-wicking process, allowing sweat to quickly evaporate and leaves a lasting cooling effect. 
  • Hypoallergenic: The spring and summer season often means mayhem for hay fever sufferers or those easily effected by allergens. This is why many opt to wear cotton, thanks to its hypoallergenic benefits which won’t cause skin irritation. 
  • Durability: Thanks to its high tensile strength, cotton is able to maintain its integrity, even after going through the wash a few times. 

Thanks to Sussan’s extensive range of Australian cotton options, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to cooling outfits to wear in your home, no matter the occasion! Their women’s cotton clothing collection boasts endlessly wearable pieces that are soft, comfortable and breathable for every season. Here are our top picks for summer:

For the bedroom 

Comfortable sleepwear at its finest, these PJ’s will have you resting comfortably and in style.


For the living room

Whether you’re escaping the heat by watching a movie with the kids indoors, or having the girls over for a summer refreshment, Sussan offers many cotton loungewear options to keep your casual-style looking and feeling cool.


For the home office 

Sometimes its not all just fun and games during the summer season. If you need to clock on for a virtual team meeting, you can do so whilst feeling at your best, despite the heat outside. 


For the backyard & poolside  

If you’ve been beating the heat by taking a dip in the pool, running through sprinklers with the kids, or lounging in a shaded hammock with a good book in hand – Sussan has comfy cover-ups and moisture-wicking must-haves for the outdoors. 


Cat Falalis

Cat Falalis

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