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Cultivating the perfect space for mindful eating

Have you ever heard of the term, ‘mindful eating’? The likes of Headspace and Harvard Medical School speak extensively about this practice, and the benefits offered to both one’s mental and physical health.

Mindful eating is approached in a holistic manner whereby one’s attitude and thoughts towards their food, appetite and senses all come into play. One of the key factors to also consider is the environment in which food is being consumed.

With an increasing number of busy households opting to eat their dinners on the couch and in front of the television, attention is often taken away as to the amount of food being consumed – turning their meal into a mindless act, rather than a mindful one.

Getting back to basics and setting up a dedicated dining space for families and friends to consume their meals is a step in the right direction in creating mindful eating habits. With the help of Mocka Furniture Australia, we explore some dining delights for the perfect eating environment.

The importance of mindful eating

According to Headspace, engaging in the practice of mindful eating isn’t necessarily for the purpose of weight loss. It simply invites you to be present while cooking or eating, allowing you to truly savour your food without any judgment, guilt, anxiety, or inner commentary. Bringing mindfulness to the table means a kinder, gentler approach to eating.

Research suggests that a more considered way of eating can work to steer people away from unhealthy choices which in some instances, does result in weight loss. Of course, for those trying to gain or maintain their weight, this considered approach can also work in assisting to make the most appropriate food choices to nourish and fuel your body.

 Dining products to transform your space

A calm and considered approach to food requires a tranquil and welcoming environment in which it is to be consumed. By cultivating a space that is solely for dining – your attention will be focused on your eating habits.

And even if you will be dining with family and friends, creating a space to catch up on each other’s days by enabling your circle to actually converse with one another will spark connection and socialisation – wellness benefits which are often lacking in today’s daily societal norms.

Terrific tables

Mocka has a range of dining room tables to suit a number of people and any home aesthetic. The Zander collection is available in black and white, with the 4-seater available in a trendy circular shape, and the 6-seater coming in a traditional rectangular style. They are perfect for casual dining, family mealtimes or dinner parties – allowing you to savour mealtimes with family and friends. With generously sized tabletops and statement metal legs, these tables have a sophisticated style that will elevate your dining room setting.

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Beautiful buffets

No dining room is complete without a buffet to house plates, cutlery, glasses and napery. When everything is organised and stored accordingly, it means less stress when it comes to setting the table for a family night in or when entertaining visitors. Our top pick is the Canyon Buffet with its trending arches and features natural rattan. It is a beautiful blend of natural design and functional storage, with the wood grain adding a warm and organic aesthetic to your home.

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Sensational seating

With dining chairs, stools and bench seats to choose from – you’ll be spoilt for choice with Mocka’s extensive range of designs. The Londyn Dining Chairs are available in rust, grey and natural linen tones and are the perfect addition for some extra luxury within your dining space. The curved back is particularly on-trend, giving these chairs an eye-catching style, that you’ll love sinking into. Alternatively, the Leon Bar Stool is perfect for the kitchen island or your home bar, giving your space an effortlessly chic style.

For more information on Mocka’s range of unique furniture and decor designs, visit https://www.mocka.com.au/

Cat Falalis

Cat Falalis

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