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Daily Rituals for Radiant Skin and Mindful Living

Transform your wellness with Sammy Swayn’s simple skincare routine using Natio’s men plus. Consistency leads to results!

As we head into the depths of winter, you may be wondering, “What happened to all of those ambitious New Year’s Resolutions I made back in January?” But you don’t have to wait for 2025 to start making positive changes to your daily routine. The most effective change is made with consistency in mind, even if it’s starting small to achieve your goals.

One Minute Meditator Sammy Swayn shares this belief.

“As a meditation teacher, I’m often asked how I maintain my practice. The key is to start simple, even if it’s for just one minute,” he says.

In Sammy’s eyes, consistency is the key to creating positive change in all aspects of his life.

“Keeping things simple is something I apply to everything, even my skincare routine,” he says.

Sammy has incorporated Natio’s newest skincare range, men plus, into his daily wellness routine. With consistency in mind, men plus offers a comprehensive seven-step routine to hydrate, balance and purify skin while reducing the early signs of ageing.

It’s a perfect fit for Sammy, as Natio’s ethos is based on the principles of yoga and meditation, and the understanding that a clear, positive mind and a free and happy spirit are the foundations of real beauty.

“The best routine is one you can do everyday,” Sammy says.

“Natio men plus is a simple routine with botanical based formulas, packed with active ingredients.”

One key active ingredient, Mountain Pepper Berry, delivers potent levels of Vitamin E, C and phytoactives, which work to prevent the premature signs of skin ageing.

Mountain Pepper Berry works to promote skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production – helping skin to appear refreshed and renewed. When blended with Vitamin C, the two ingredients work together for a more efficient daily does of vitamins and nutrients.

The range builds on a three-step routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising, and is supported with a range of complementary products designed to fit seamlessly into any day and nighttime routine.

Sammy’s favourite? A BHA exfoliant with Niacinamide and Salicylic acid. Perfect for dissolving dull skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion, this exfoliant is ideal for those who are time-poor – unlike many exfoliators, you don’t need to wash it off!

A dual action moisturising sunscreen will fast become a staple in every morning routine, providing fast integral UVA and UVB protection while Aloe Vera and Vitamin E offer nourishing hydration.

“Taking just a couple of minutes out of my day to focus on my skincare routine has become a form of wellness similar to meditation,” Sammy says.

“It’s with this consistency in mind that I am seeing noticeable results, both in my skin and my everyday wellbeing.”

Natio men plus is currently available online and in select Chemist Warehouse stores.

Lucy Kelly

Lucy Kelly

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