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4 ways to create sacred space

Create a sanctuary at home

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As we slowly move from one season to another the energy is shifting. Something in the air smells and feels different. We know that when the seasons change we need to adapt and change too. If you are feeling the urge to clean your house and get rid of things you don’t need, you are right on track. At the end of each season we are encouraged to clear out the old so we can make space for what is coming.

You don’t have to know what the new energy is in order to do this. Start letting go of what doesn’t feel right and trust that what you truly need will come to you. In order to make this even more powerful, you can set an intention for what you wish to call into your life. This helps you direct and focus the flow of energy in a more aligned way. Give it a try and see how it feels!

In a tiny corner in my bedroom I’ve placed a few sea shells, a small statue of a blue owl and two wooden dolphins to remind me of my connection to Spirit and that the divine is always present, both within and around me.

I love creating sacred space and I encourage you to do this in every place that calls to you. It doesn’t have to be big and complex, a small corner in your house will do. I’ve created mini altars in a few places in my house. In a tiny corner in my bedroom I’ve placed a few sea shells, a small statue of a blue owl and two wooden dolphins to remind me of my connection to Spirit and that the divine is always present, both within and around me.

In order to support my work and business I’ve created a beautiful altar on my desk. It’s filled with fresh flowers, candles, incense and pictures that inspire me to create work that is filled with love and Beauty.

Your sacred space can be whatever you want it to be.

If you are feeling the call to create sacred space in your home or outside, perhaps in your Garden, I’d love to share my favourite ways to do this.

  1. This is your playground and you set the rules. Only you know what feels sacred to you. Tune in to your heart’s desire and create from that space. Let the images and ideas come to you and let it flow naturally. There is no right or wrong – only your way. Honour this.
  2. Choose why you are creating it and set an intention. Don’t over-think this part, just go with the flow. You can come back and tweak it later. Put your focus and energy on your intention and keep it in your heart while you create this space.
  3. Pour all your love into it. You are the one creating the container where the magic can unfold. The more love, light and care you put into this space the more powerful it will be. Yes, you know how to do this!
  4. Keep nurturing your space. This isn’t a quick fix but rather like a small seed that you plant. When you shower it with love and let the energy flow between you it will grow and expand. As you spend time taking care of and sitting in your sacred space you will deepen your connection to Spirit.

Remember that you are a powerful co-creator and you can create whatever your heart and soul wish to create. You have the power to receive inspiring ideas and visions and make them a reality. When you say yes to this power and to being true to who you are, many doors will open for you.

Creating sacred space in your home and in your life gives you the solid container in which magic and miracles can grow.

You are powerful beyond measure. Anything is possible. You can create the life you long for deep inside your soul. It all starts with a “yes”.

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Karina Ladet is a soulful and creative mum, intuitive reader, coach, writer and teacher who helps women to trust and develop their own intuition. She offers intuitive readings and coaching, and teaches people how to communicate with their spirit guides both online and in Europe and Australia. Karina is also passionate about spreading messages of love and soulful living and she's a regular writer for Wild Sister magazine and also writes for a number of websites that focus on intuition, wellness, parenting, soulful living and spirituality. Her mission is to support people who long for a more inspired and meaningful life and this is something she also embodies in her own life. After years spent working in the corporate world as a communications manager and living in many different countries, Karina is now happy living her dream life. She is a mum to two young children and the wife to an amazing French husband and she spends her time enjoying a simple life in a village in the south of France.