Lighter spaces for a mindful home

Lighter spaces for a mindful home

A space which exudes comfort and tranquillity by inviting relaxation and solace is what we all aspire to have within our homes. Creating a mindful home will work to support your own wellbeing and self-care practices and can even boost your mood.

One of the main factors to consider when creating a mindful home, is how colour and light influence the atmosphere of a room. With studies showing the link between colour and psychological functioning, it more important than ever before to select finishes for your home that not only look amazing, but will also make you feel as such!

Carpet Court offers a range of flooring options that will transform your home for the better, without the need to knock down any walls or to invest in costly extensions.

The illusion of space

According to Melbourne-based interior stylist Heather Nette King, we often need to rely on tricks of the eye to help create the illusion of more space. In doing so, our homes will feel more open, spacious and comfortable to live in.

“One of the best tricks is to increase the amount of light in a room, and to use that light to further enhance a feeling of spaciousness,” she explains.

“The science is simple – lighter colours reflect the light and make a space feel more open, whereas darker colours absorb the light, making a room feel smaller and closed-in.”

So, with this in mind, it makes sense that brightening your walls and flooring – the biggest surface areas within a room – is one of the greatest hacks for a happier home and headspace.

“Painting your walls in white, or a very pale hue such as cream, pale yellow, pink, grey or blue, and selecting light-coloured flooring – whether it be hardwood flooring, carpet, or a hybrid tile – will enhance the feeling of light and spaciousness, all without the expense and hassle of changing the building structure itself,” says Heather.

Fabulous flooring selections

With an extensive flooring range to pick from, Carpet Court will be able to assist in your endeavour to create the perfect mindful home. Here are some of our top picks for a lighter, airy abode.

Capitol Rigid Core in Victoria Spotted Gum

Capitol Rigid Core in Victoria Spotted Gum

Designed for longevity and durable performance, the Capitol Rigid Core range is part of Carpet Court’s hybrid flooring collection. Exceptionally stable and strong, this high-quality flooring is built to last. Go for a tone such as Victoria Spotted Gum to add texture and warmth into a space. Natural light coming in through nearby windows will simply bounce off this pale floor and reflect into the entire room.

Precinct Oak in Amalfi

Precinct Oak in Amalfi

Precinct Oak is part of Carpet Court’s engineered timber range and has been designed to allow your home to be transformed by the distinctly sophisticated look and feel of an authentic timber floor. The beautiful Amalfi colourway will also serve to enhance the feeling of space when light reflects upon it.

Daylesford in Munro Tasmanian Oak

Daylesford in Munro Tasmanian Oak

Daylesford vinyl planks are a carefully designed collection of Aussie Species and Oak variations. Being an extra-long 1.8m plank, Daylesford gives any home a luxurious finish without the tedious maintenance of timber flooring. Go for Munro Tasmanian Oak for a neutral tone that will suit any home aesthetic.

If you’re about to embark on the journey of building a new home, or if your humble abode is due for a much-needed facelift, consider the ways in which light and colour will set the tone for how you feel in your space. Creating a mindful home can be as easy as a fresh lick of paint and some new flooring. Be sure to visit Carpet Court and take some samples with you to help visualise the final look.

Cat Falalis

Cat Falalis

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