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Blog guidelines

Is natural, holistic living your thing? Would you like to explore an area of interest or share your expertise in an open, public space? Come blog for us!

We love wellness and we welcome writers from all walks of life who want to share authentic, personal explorations of an area of wellbeing that they’re truly passionate about.

We like healthy recipes; pieces with specific yoga poses or sequences or fitness routines; advice pieces with practical tips on improving health, happiness, relationships, communication, nutrition, green living, finances and workplace wellness; explorations of spirituality and the esoteric, such as shamanism or the meaning of dreams; practical business advice for holistic practitioners.

Actually, we’re pretty open. As long as it’s about healthy living, we’d be happy to hear what you want to blog about.


Why blog for us?

WellBeing is the authoritative resource on natural health and living for clever, compassionate, curious people who’re seeking an authentic and soulful way of life. We’ve been inspiring and educating for more than 30 years through our independent coverage of whole-health topics. In short, our brand is a pretty neat one to be associated with.

We don’t pay for blogs. We do, however, provide a subscription to the magazine and share your posts with our audience on this website, in our newsletter and across our social media channels.


Some dos and don’ts


  • Be original. Posts for wellbeing.com.au must not have been published or submitted elsewhere online (including your personal blog).
  • Source all health claims. If you mention a statistic or a study, include a link to that source. If you claim a certain food is healthy, tell us how you know. We prefer links to peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals and/or credible news outlets.
  • Be transparent. Self-promotion is acceptable if stated openly — ie you say that you’re from a yoga school and this is how you deal with things at your school — but is not acceptable to hide this and promote the yoga school (ie be transparent). We will also decline on overtly commercial material.
  • Write around a theme. Ideally the theme for your posts relates to a personal journey of some kind, ie not just on the topic of “yoga” but “a regular gym yoga practitioner discovers the other limbs of yoga and devotes three months to exploring them”.
  • Add to the conversation. We cover a wide range of topics so consider how your piece can add to what’s already there. Does it offer the reader something new and interesting? How will reading this make someone’s life better?
  • Give practical tips in a conversational way. Ask yourself, what can the reader take away from your article? What can they do today that will help them in their own lives?
  • Say what you’re prepared to say in public. We don’t want to defame, blame, criticise, claim, cure or just plain mystify people but genuine explorations of the subject are highly readable.
  • Have a sense of humility and humour. This is important, especially if you are writing about a topic that you are not an expert on, as readers may not hold your view! If you want to write about spiritual topics, adopt a tone level similar to that of Louise Hay or Stephanie Dowrick.
  • Stay grounded. We’re open to all forms of spirituality and the existence of soul but if your blog resembles the United States of Tara we will decline.
  • Commit. We ask that you commit to a series of regular blog posts rather than writing a one-off post.
  • Plan your posts and start with an end in mind. An outline of what you want to post and when will help you keep on track — plus, when you’re getting bored, chances are the reader is too.



  • Claim to cure cancer or imply any other unproven, inappropriate claims of cure.
  • Hide any vested interests. Writers aren’t encouraged to use their blog platforms to negotiate for bonuses and gifts. If bonuses and gifts do spontaneously arrive, please declare them.
  • Send SEO-driven submissions. We can’t use posts from content farms or created to boost SEO or to plug a product or brand name. We will also decline material that promotes a business or service not in line with our philosophy (eg weight-loss gimmicks or quick-fix health solutions).


How to get started

If you’d like to blog for us, send the following to our team:

  • A five-sentence proposal outlining: the overarching topic/theme for your blogs; aspects of this topic that you’re passionate about; how frequently you think you can write and roughly how many months you’d like to do it for; who you’d like to read the blog.
  • Your bio (120 words or less) with links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • A headshot or photo of you to use for your bio.

Once we have a chance to review your proposal, we’ll be in touch to talk specifics.