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Byron Bay Skincare is working towards a natural future

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Byron Bay Skincare encapsulates many of the same qualities as the paradise in which it is created. We find out more.


Inspired by the pristine coastline and beautifully rampant hinterland of the Northern Rivers, Byron Bay Skincare was born in an attempt to mimic all of the good things the space has to offer.

The Byron Bay Skincare story began in 2015 with a clear vision to create a 100 per cent naturally derived skin and hair care range that nourishes while unlocking natural beauty.

As pioneers in the natural skincare industry (manufacturing natural skincare for more than three decades), the company has always been at the forefront of new natural ingredients and understanding the value in adopting socially and environmentally responsible practices — for its consumers and the planet.

More specifically, it understood the real risk and danger that certain mainstream ingredients present to humans and the environment.

Byron Bay Skincare philosophy

Byron Bay Skincare believes that skincare should be as simple as possible, which is why it has created an uncomplicated capsule collection of face, body and hair essentials — a perfect and easy recipe for rejuvenating your skin after a long summer’s day.

The ingredients used are sourced and blended to promote your skin’s own natural behaviours such as cell renewal, barrier protection, healing and collagen stimulation. Natural skincare works in sync with your body rather than introducing potentially harmful synthetic ingredients.

Byron Bay Skincare’s range is free from harsh chemicals and crafted with 100 per cent naturally derived Australian botanicals without compromising on effectiveness.

All of Byron Bay Skincare’s products are certified within the Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free Australia. With this stand it supports skincare practices that are ethical and more environmentally considerate and sustainable.

Not only is the company committed to paving the way for the future of skincare, but it is committed to giving back to the environment. Planting just one tree can have an enormous impact on regeneration efforts; therefore, the team plants one tree for every product sold through their One Bottle One Tree program, donating to non-profit organisations supporting global reforestation.

So far, Byron Bay Skincare has planted trees that will produce 1,038,480 kilograms of oxygen per year. Together, small gestures can make a huge difference.

 Byron Bay Skincare Exfoliant & Mask

The perfect 10-minute facial in a jar, Byron Bay Skincare Exfoliant & Mask is an innovative two-in-one product that will leave the skin smoother, brighter and revitalised. This product is made using ground lychee shell to gently remove dead skin cells and jojoba oil to replenish. You simply can’t go wrong.

“I get excited to have a shower when I know it is time to use the Exfoliant & Mask; it is like heaven in a tub!” ~ Nina M

 Byron Bay Skincare Vitamin C+ Serum

A vitamin-rich serum made for the skin’s most common problems. Infused with grapefruit oil and Kakadu plum, it works by restoring moisture back into the skin for protection against the ageing effects of the environment. Kakadu plum has 50 times the amount of vitamin C per 100 grams than oranges.

“I was looking for my very first vitamin C serum and came across Byron Bay Skincare. From the very first application it brightened my skin and my blemishes are fading, too. It smells delicious and I’ve become a big fan!” ~ Rashida T

 Byron Bay Skincare Body Wash and Body Soufflé

Transcend your senses with the enchanting aromas of sweet citrus and spicy chai. Byron Bay Skincare Body Wash and Body Soufflé are a match made in heaven that leaves your body feeling velvety smooth and smelling exceptionally divine.

“Lovely to use and it sinks right into the skin. Feels great and is a pleasure to use. Love that it has natural ingredients and the smell is not too overpowering. Will definitely purchase again. A great natural product.” ~ Christine H

 Byron Bay Skincare Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner

Formulated with plant-derived cleansers to gently purify the scalp and hair, while argan oil and rosemary will aid in protecting and restoring a healthy, natural shine, this blend of peppermint and tea tree will elevate your shower experience.

“I waited for a month of usage before writing this review. I am satisfied that I have found a forever product.” ~ Christelle O


Natural skincare works in sync with your body rather than introducing potentially harmful synthetic ingredients.


Byron Bay Skincare is not only committed to paving the way for the future of natural skincare, it’s also committed to giving back to the environment.

For more information, visit byronbayskincare.com.au.