Have you noticed that there has been quite a lot of controversy in the media about the ABC showing the comedy At Home with Julia which offended many viewers who believed it demeaned the Prime Minister and especially her partner Tim Mathieson.

Episode three showed a scene, where after Julia and Tim had sex in the office, they were lying on the floor covered with the Australian Flag. No sex was shown it was very innocent and it lasted only some minutes.

The Australian flag is the colourful icon of our country, it happily flies across government buildings at sporting and official events. The flag is replicated in endless cheap souvenirs, coffee mugs, footballs, bags, aprons, tea towels, oven mittens, socks and boomerangs. Girls wear bikinis and guys wear swimmers or boxer shorts and sunning themselves on a beach towel all printed with the Australian flag. I have seen beautiful satin sheets and pillows, some people sleep between them.

The flag is stamped on the foreheads of fans at sporting events and several athletes have wrapped themselves in the flag when they have won a race.

But bring in sex, where some taboos still hold fort and you suddenly get a media frenzy. The Prime Minister having sex with her partner under the Aussie flag….. Shock! Horror! It is just not done.

We are still living in a society that tolerates disrespect at the highest level yet bringing sex into the suddenly perceived holy grail of the flag and hell breaks loose. Such is the power that is still wielded around sex and its taboos.

It is no wonder that generally people are reticent to talk about their sexual concerns, that the subject still holds the age old skeletal taboos.

Over the weeks I will discuss many of the important aspects on how we can all have healthier and happier sex lives because when it comes to health and wellbeing, let’s remove those archaic taboos and talk about it openly.

I would like to hear some of your views on this.

Matty Silver

Matty Silver

Matty Silver is a relationship counsellor and sexual health therapist with a private practice in Sydney, who works with people to identify and overcome a range of physical and mental sexual health problems.

She specialises in telephone counselling all over Australia as another option to access advice or therapy. Telephone counselling provides a safe, supportive and confidential environment. It is anonymous and gives clients the freedom to talk about sexual issues without feeling embarrassed.

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