What to expect (from your teeth and gums) when you’re expecting! Part 3

Frequent Snacking and Tooth Decay

Every nutritionist will tell you that during pregnancy you are better off having 5 or more small meals and snacks then a few large meals.  They will also advise you to watch your sugar intake, especially if you are at risk of or are suffering from gestational diabetes.

Frequent snacking may expose you to a higher risk of tooth decay.

Be careful that you choose snacks which are low in sugar (including natural sugars).

Do not snack on fruit frequently, but limit to one or two per day. Fruit is not only high in sugar, but also acidic.

Opt wherever possible for dairy products (yoghurt, cheese) or nuts, which are high in calcium and can help remineralize your teeth.

Drink water! Make sure you keep well hydrated, especially if you are vomiting frequently and experiencing reflux.

These days it is widely accepted that fruit juice is not as “good for you” as a piece of fruit and it contains much higher levels of sugar than a piece of fruit. It is also much more erosive as it takes longer to finish than a piece of fruit.

Sleepless Nights…Midnight Snacks?

You may have already started to toss and turn, wake up a million times a night, etc. This only gets worse when the baby comes out. If you already clench and grind your teeth, this interrupted sleep may make this habit worse.

Make sure your night-guard is checked and updated if need be. You will need it now and after the birth:)

Make sure you stay away from the fridge at night, drink a glass of milk if you must.

Remember that you only have minimal saliva during the night, so there is nothing to protect you from the sugar and the acid content of most foods!

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Tijana Fisher

Tijana Fisher

Tijana Fisher is a dentist, a wife and a mum (not in order of importance, of course)! She loves her life because she has been blessed with great variety and complete absence of the mundane. Every day, she puts on her different hats and slips into her different roles, all thoroughly enjoyable and challenging. She loves writing and sharing her knowledge (and opinion) with others. She also loves hearing other points of view, even if polar opposites to hers. This makes life rich and interesting and even teaches her a thing or two!

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