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How to accomplish the “no makeup” makeup look

Wearing layers of full-coverage makeup is never a nice feeling; we should be wearing makeup to help us slightly enhance our already beautiful features. Most foundations cause the inevitable cakey effect around our nose and forehead, but this is due to our pores being larger and our dead skin cells growing faster and thicker in these areas. Even with the perfect primer, coverage throughout the day fades, and oily build-up becomes more apparent. It all starts with the base, and we have a secret step to avoid any build-up.

For most, dead skin cells will not appear as flaky, they can just be attached to the top of our skin layers, sometimes making it rather stubborn to manage. Traditional facial exfoliators don’t necessarily remove the dead skin and can actually cause more damage in the form of Micro-tears. NO FACE skincare has formulated their Clarifier hydro Exfoliator, which contains a proprietary ingredient called Keratease; this is an enzyme that breaks down dead skin cells and instantly reveals smooth skin without causing any harm. Unlike other non-scrubbing exfoliators, the NO FACE Clarifier hydro Exfoliator does not contain any acid, making it a suitable product for people with sensitive skin.

The NO FACE Clarifier hydro Exfoliator was recommended by Vogue as a must-buy for people going on a date or to an event, as it removed dead skin and leaves no signs of irritation, preventing a build-up of make-up by 90%!

The proof is in the pudding!

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The left image is makeup on a forehead before using NO FACE Clarifier hydro Exfoliator; the right side is a makeup post NO FACE Clarifier hydro Exfoliator.

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Jamie Pilarinos

Jamie Pilarinos

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